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In the News: Popular Mechanics Magazine Highlights Michigan, American-Made Products in New Issue

Buying local or the “Shop Small” movement has gained a lot of attention in recent years as small businesses remind people to buy nearby for basic needs and wants. But you don’t hear as much these days about “Buy American.” The magazine Popular Mechanics decided to do something about that, and the most recent issue […]

Steal This Idea: Scholarship Fund Highlights Talented Michigan Students, Volunteer Efforts

How do you ensure young minds expand and grow? You invest in them, show concern for their future and do what you can to enrich that talent. That is what the Leaders and Achievers Scholarship Program tries to do annually. This year, Comcast NBCUniversal awarded approximately $99,000 in scholarships for the 2017-18 school year to […]

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To help shape the state’s next generation of leaders, LAFCU’s Write to Educate Essay Contest awarded two $2,500 college scholarships with the requirement that each student select a charity to receive a $500 LAFCU donation. The Lansing-based credit union hopes to show the power of giving back.      

Steal This Idea: Employees Receive Surprise Shopping Trip in Fun Office Raffle

Imagine how you would feel if your boss walked up to you, handed you a gift card and told you that you were heading to your favorite mall for a shopping spree. That actually happened to Todd Solgat, a senior graphic designer at United Shore and one of the eight winners. Recently, the Troy-based company […]

‘Bring Out the Good Month’ Helps Employees, Community Organizations

It’s often said that an afternoon walk during the workday is more energizing than an extra cup of coffee. So what happens when you combine work, a walk and a great cause? The result is a high-energy event that brought together many Allstate volunteers for a truly good deed. Nearly 30 local Allstate employees and […]

Mackinac Policy Conference Takes On Politics, Connected Technology and Economic Opportunity

Starting today, thousands of Michigan policy makers, business people and media representatives will meet at the Grand Hotel for the 2017 Mackinac Policy Conference. Keynote speakers include Gov. Rick Snyder, Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan as well as visionaries including Apsen Institute President and CEO Walter Isaacson, Presidential historian Michael Beschloss and Brookings Institution Vice President […]

Design Mavens House Industries Brings Innovative Exhibition to Henry Ford Museum

Anyone who works with a computer – and that’s pretty much everyone these days – has searched for just the right font to help them tell a story, communicate their ideas or illustrate signs for everything from “for sale” notices, new-store openings or even television shows. Chances are, House Industries design a favorite typeface, font […]

DiChiera: To Inspire Creativity in Yourself and Others You Have to Make the Time

David DiChiera understands the work-life balance more so than the average American. After all, this is a man who started an opera company in Detroit, built a successful entertainment venue and composed beloved operas including “Cyrano.” This month, his Michigan Opera Theatre will conclude its 2016-17 season with “Cyrano,” the masterwork of MOT Founder and Artistic […]

Five Employee Tips for a Healthy and Productive Workday

Sitting behind a desk all day can be harmful over time, however, an investment in employee health can help reverse this harm. A Willis Health and Productivity Survey found that 93 percent of healthier employees led to more productivity, engagement and satisfaction at work. This has led to more employers starting, or expanding, workplace wellness […]

Higher Hopes! Distributing 140,000 Pounds of Food Through Unique Meal-Kit Program

Giving people an education is a great way to give them a head start. But if they don’t have the food they need to give them the energy to go to school, to study and to excel, then those educational opportunities may be missed. That’s something that Bill Birndorf wanted to prevent. Birndorf, who founded […]

Baker College Highlights Diversity of Law Enforcement Careers

Nearly 250 high school students explored law enforcement careers at Baker College’s recent Policing Day. Attendees included students from the Southwest Macomb Technical Educational Consortium. Policing agencies represented included the Detroit and Wayne County police departments; DNR; Michigan State Police; and the Wayne County Sheriff’s Office, among many more.        

School, Business Partnership Creates Unique Lake Michigan Field Trip for Students

A conversation four years ago between a local company and officials from Grand Rapids Public Schools sparked a unique partnership that the school district says serves as an inspiration for other businesses to get involved in enlightening city school children. The result of that meeting between Open Systems Technologies (OST) and GRPS is several field […]

Comcast Cares Volunteer Efforts Brought Employees, Community Together

There’s power in numbers – especially when it comes to company-wide volunteer programs where thousands of employees and community members come together for a common good. In April, Comcast invited its Michigan employees and their family members, friends and community partners to volunteer with them on more than 25 service projects through the state. Called […]

Employer Health Plans: Helping Employees Understand Their Benefits

Nearly 67 percent of Americans are enrolled in health insurance through their employer, according to the 2015 U.S. Census Bureau. However, health insurance is complicated. Your employees shouldn’t be challenged with the jargon and tough-to-follow stipulations of their health plan. Additionally, researchers at Carnegie Mellon University found that a large number of Americans enrolled in […]

Walsh College to Launch New Master of Arts in Business Degree Program

Imagine this: You graduated from the College for Creative Studies with an art degree, but you’re now working for one of the automotive manufacturers as a designer or clay sculptor. You’re moving up in the ranks – yet you feel like you don’t know the ropes of running a business. That’s where a new kind […]

Wondering What to Eat for Lent? Try This Tasty Salmon Salad

Whether out to eat or dining in this Lent, those who adhere to the Lenten tradition are seeking creative and delicious fish options. The Rusty Bucket Restaurant and Tavern’s location in Bingham Farms offers a variety of fish options that take culinary flavor to another level. Among its signature dishes are the Baja Fish Tacos, […]