Corp! Magazine is the only statewide business publication dedicated to business owners and C-Suite leaders. The print and digital publications provide breaking business news, best practicies and economic trends — everything a CEO needs to know. Part of a small business itself, Corp! Magazine is a certified WBENC, a woman-owned business. Corp! Magazine began publishing in print form in 1988. Today, Corp! has pivoted to become a 100-percent digital operation, with a reader-friendly digital flipbook, delivered to its influential audience of seasoned executives and business leaders. This exclusive circulation ensures the highest-quality, targeted audience for advertisers, with equal distribution across Michigan.

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Regional County Stats:

  • Detroit (Oakland, Macomb, Wayne and Washtenaw Counties) 51.9%
  • Eastern and Central Michigan 6.2%
  • Grand Rapids, Kalamazoo, West Michigan 38.5%
  • Upper Peninsula 1.3%

Circulation by Title:

  • President, CEO, Owner, Co-Owner, Partner, Principal 76.3%
  • CFO, COO, CIO – 14.6%
  • Operations Manager, General Manager, Branch Manager, Manager 4.4%
  • Executive Director, Managing Director, Director, Treasurer, Superintendent 3.2%
  • Executive Vice President, Senior Vice President, Vice President 1.5%

Website Ads

Corp! Website Ad File Sizes Width by Height
FOOTER BANNER AD 728 x 90 pixels
LARGE BUTTON BANNER AD 180 x 150 pixels

Corp! Flipbook Edition

Ad Sizes Bleed (W x H) Non-Bleed (W x H)
FULL PAGE 9.25″ x 11.125″ 8.5″ x 10.375″
1/2 PAGE HORIZONTAL 9.25″ x 5.375″ 8.5″ x 5″
1/2 PAGE VERTICAL 4.5″ x 11.125″ 4.125″ x 10.375″
1/4 PAGE NA 4.125″ x 5″


  • S.W.O.P. standards apply.
  • Printing Process: Process color (CMYK) on Web Offset.
  • Publication Trim Size: 9″ wide x 10.875″ high
  • For All Bleed Ads: Type and live matter must be kept 1/4″ inside trim. Live area is 8.5″ wide x 10.375″ high.

e-Publication Ads

Please include corresponding copy for Native Ads of 250-350 characters.
e-Publication Ad File Sizes Width by Height
FOOTER BANNER AD 728 x 90 pixels
NATIVE BANNER AD 180 x 150 pixels
  • Acceptable RGB formated files include: .jpeg, .png, .gif.
  • Animated .gif files are acceptable for only.
  • Destination URL must be domain-name based. IP addresses will not be accepted.
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