Corp! Magazine is a state-wide business publication dedicated to inspiring business excellence among Michigan’s c-suite executives. Its content is committed to positive and intriguing stories that shine a light on economic growth opportunities, trends, and top leaders in Michigan who are advancing both their businesses and Michigan’s economy. Corp! Magazine is an invitation only, bi-monthly print publication. It is mailed directly to 20,000 hand-selected, seasoned executives and business owners. This exclusive circulation ensures the highest quality, targeted audience for advertisers.

The Corp! online edition, which contains its own original content, goes to opt-in subscribers every week and has a reach into the Midwest and beyond. Special online editions focus on Human Resources, Green/Sustainability, Digital/Technology, and other special topics.level.

Regional County Stats:

  • Detroit (Oakland, Macomb, Wayne and Washtenaw Counties) 51.9%
  • Eastern and Central Michigan 6.2%
  • Grand Rapids, Kalamazoo, West Michigan 38.5%
  • Upper Peninsula 1.3%

Circulation by Title:

  • President, CEO, Owner, Co-Owner, Partner, Principal 76.3%
  • CFO, COO, CIO – 14.6%
  • Operations Manager, General Manager, Branch Manager, Manager 4.4%
  • Executive Director, Managing Director, Director, Treasurer, Superintendent 3.2%
  • Executive Vice President, Senior Vice President, Vice President 1.5%

Corp! Print Magazine Ad File Specifications
Acceptable Media: CD-ROM or email

File Formats: A high-resolution (300 dpi) PDF is preferred (please include trim and bleed marks); InDesign; QuarkXPress; EPS or TIFF. All images should be 300-dpi CMYK. Provide all fonts or convert fonts to outlines, and supply all placed images. Nothing higher than a 150-line screen is recommended. High quality color proof is required for on press color matching.

1. RGB not accepted
2. Please modify color in Photoshop.
3. True Type fonts not accepted.
4. MUST include 2 (two) proofs: B&W laser proof and Contract Proof.
5. High quality color proof required for on press color matching.

Corp! Print Magazine Ad Sizes                Bleed (W x H)         Non-Bleed (W x H)
• FULL PAGE                                          9.25″ x 11.125″            8.5″ x 10.375″
• 1/2 PAGE HORIZONTAL                      9.25″ x 5.375″                 8.5″ x 5″
• 1/2 PAGE VERTICAL                           4.5″ x 11.125″          4.125″ x 10.375″
• 1/4 PAGE                                                      NA                          4.125″ x 5″

• S.W.O.P. standards apply.
• Printing Process: Process color (CMYK) on Web Offset.
• Publication Trim Size: 9″ wide x 10.875″ high
• For All Bleed Ads: Type and live matter must be kept 1/4″ inside trim. Live area is 8.5″ wide x 10.375″ high.
• For Spreads: allow 1/8″ on each side of gutter.

Corp! Website Ad File Sizes                                         Width by Height
LEADERBOARD BANNER AD                                     728 x 90 pixels
FOOTER BANNER AD                                                 728 x 90 pixels
SKYSCRAPER BANNER AD                                       160 x 600 pixels
INLINE BANNER AD                                                   300 x 250 pixels
LARGE BUTTON BANNER AD                                    180 x 150 pixels

e-Publication Ad File Sizes                                           Width by Height
LEADERBOARD BANNER AD                                         728 x 90 pixels
FOOTER BANNER AD                                                      728 x 90 pixels
NATIVE BANNER AD                                                       180 x 150 pixels
Please include corresponding copy for Native Ads of 250-350 characters.

• Acceptable RGB formated files include: .jpeg, .png, .gif.
• Animated .gif files are acceptable for only.
• Destination URL must be domain-name based. IP addresses will not be accepted.

Send Ad Materials
Mail: CORP! c/o Advertising Dept., 27700 Hoover Road, Warren MI 48093
Email: [email protected]

Download the 2018 Corp Media Kit

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