• Is Globalization Waning? Not As Far As Many Companies Are Concerned

    Gov. Rick Snyder has returned from his sixth State of Michigan trade mission to China since 2011 with several new relationships forged and agreements signed.
  • Full Speed Ahead

    M-1 Rail and its QLINE promise to redefine transportation future for the city.
  • Green and Safe

    Crime is always a concern, especially on a national basis, most recently evidenced by the FBI's Uniform Crime Reporting program that revealed a 3.9 percent increase in violent crimes across the nation compared with 2015 statistics.
  • Microsoft Makes Major Move to Detroit’s Tech-Centric Downtown

    In a move that Bedrock Detroit officials have dreamed of for months if not years, the real-estate firm and Microsoft Corp. officials announced Friday that the technology company will move some of its operations into downtown Detroit.
  • Home at Last

    Across the nation, thousands of pork producers typically have, in their state or very near by, a facility they can transport their animals to for processing, an obviously key link in a chain that ends with customers selecting product from their grocery shelves or a restaurant patron ordering from the menu.

Retail Giant Walmart Keeps Finger in Online Space With Yet Another Purchase

Walmart, long known as the quintessential “brick and mortar” giant nationwide, has picked up another retailer known mainly for its online presence. The new acquisition, announced last week and first reported by CNET, is Moosejaw, a 10-store retailer based in Madison Heights, Mich. But the big attraction for Walmart, which paid $51 million for the […]

Neil Mandt

With Virtual Reality Taking Off in Popularity, At Least One Media Pro is Diving In

Ask any of a number of filmmakers and producers nationwide about what they think the “next big thing” in the industry is likely to be and it won’t be long before the term “virtual reality” comes up. Certainly, Hollywood has taken note, as have media companies, including The New York Times, which has dallied with […]

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The Myths and Realities of Family Businesses are Worth Noting (and Celebrating)

Let’s start by defining a family business. The classic definition is a business where a single-family lineage has ownership control, is active in management and involves multiple generations. But some of those boundaries have become blurred. What about blended families? How about publicly traded companies? Would siblings who used “family money” for startup capital fit? […]