• Why Companies Should Do Culture Right

    The word “culture” can be a turn-off for executives and leaders. It may conjure images of unattainable workspaces—pingpong tables, in-house boot camp classes, Google-esque warehouses filled with employees at makeshift desks.
  • Is it Time to ‘Jump Off the Cliff’ and Start a New Company?

    Ninety percent of startups fail and with entrepreneurship at an all-time high, the competition has never been fiercer. While this is grim, entrepreneurs can find a little bit of comfort in knowing that their chances of success get incrementally higher with each business undertaken.
  • A Cure for the Summertime Blues

    As the weather heats up and summer arrives, don’t make the mistake of letting your team and your business cool down.
  • Pedal Power Pumps Up Health, Communities, Businesses

    It was a freedom she’d long forgotten. But when Johannah Jelks pedaled her bicycle around the streets of Grand Rapids for the first time since childhood, she felt alive again.
  • Patented Success

    For inventors, lasting returns come from understanding the complexities of the law