The Protocol of Calling Someone Out at Work

The workplace is renowned for holding conventional team sales meetings wherein performance, achievement and sales numbers are publicly touted.  When sales numbers are met and quotas exceeded, bells ring, horns blow, trumpets play and even obtuse exercises are ritually and merrily performed. Key individuals are buoyed by the recognition, accolades and affirmations which are great […]

How to Tip for the Holidays

The holidays are an ideal time to say “thank you,” … in the ways that matter, to those who have helped us through the year. “T.I.P.” literally translated, means “To Insure Promptness.” Regular service providers whom we have come to trust and rely such as our hair stylist, manicurist or masseuse, babysitter, animal sitter, newspaper […]

San Francisco Bay Area’s Best and Brightest Companies Inspire Employees, Communities

Good companies and organizations know that inspired employees and satisfied customers are their best sales and marketing engines. In the premiere San Francisco Bay Area Best and Brightest Companies to Work For competition, the results were clear – great companies abound and deliver on their promises to employees, customers and communities.