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‘Best and Brightest’ honorees raise the bar in Metro Detroit competition

With companies struggling to attract qualified employees in today’s tight labor market, they’re increasingly adopting innovations designed to make their workplaces desirable to prospective new hires and to retain talented existing workers. Many of them, however, have a long way to go to catch up to this year’s winners of Metro Detroit’s Best and Brightest […]

Celebrating growth in Michigan continues with this year’s Economic Bright Spots

Heading toward the second half of 2017, Michigan’s economic fundamentals are strong. For instance, the state’s unemployment rate stood at a solid 4.7 percent in April, and personal income in 2016 increased by 3.6 percent in Michigan, which matched the national average and was the second-fastest increase among the Great Lakes states, according to the […]

Celebrating Our Economic Success, One Leader at a Time

Corp! magazine is always ready to celebrate Michigan’s economic successes. With our Most Valuable Professionals/Most Valuable Millennials/Most Valuable Entrepreneurs Awards, we recognize a group of individuals who have contributed to our state’s economic well-being in myriad ways. The roster of winners ranges from architects to attorneys to nonprofit organization leaders. These professionals are making business […]

Michigan Celebrates Food and Agriculture Gala brings out the best in the industry

It was the auto industry that imprinted Michigan on the nation’s economic map. The agricultural sector, meanwhile, continues to give the state something else to boast about. Case in point: Earlier this year, National Geographic magazine named Detroit the top unexpected food destination in North America. “Wait, Detroit? Yes,” wrote National Geographic writer Nancy Gupton. […]

Winners Lauded for Efforts in Corp! Magazine’s 10th ‘Salute to Diversity’ Awards

Donna Murray-Brown, CEO of the Michigan Nonprofit Association, sums up the feelings of many Michigan business leaders when she makes the case for the importance of diversity in the workplace. “As important as diversity is to our core values, it is also just good business practice,” she says. “In order to have meaningful impact for […]