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Pure or Impure Michigan?

Score another victory for those businesses wanting to locate in Michigan, but now won’t consider it. The reason this time is not labor, a perceived shortage of skilled workers or the climate. This time it’s the water. Yes, Flint’s crisis of tainted water would turn businesses away from locating here. This is how we move it forward.

Try These Tips for Entrepreneurial Pitch Contests

For Dawn Dickson, winning an entrepreneur pitch contest held at the annual PowerMoves.NOLA conference in New Orleans this year yielded much more than the $25,000 check she received. The instant validation offered from potential investors who, after Dickson’s pitch, discussed the longevity and foundation of Dickson’s “solution to stiletto-sore feet” was an added bonus. Flat […]

Improve Health by Keeping Track

The decision is made. From now on it will be almond milk creamer in my coffee. It has the least calories, compared with popular brands of coconut creamer and soy creamer. Almond creamer has half the calories of coconut and a quarter of the calories of soy. Considering all the coffee-driven workers and workplaces out […]