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Don’t be controlled by fear

Financial expert Dave Ramsey makes a critical point for those who deal with life—especially entrepreneurs. Don't succumb to fear!

Leadership Lessons from the Greats

Football lovers are in a frenzy this time of year. The NFL and NCAA playoffs are in full swing, and the Big Game is just weeks away. While most...

Pure or Impure Michigan?

Score another victory for those businesses wanting to locate in Michigan, but now won’t consider it. The reason this time is not labor, a perceived shortage of skilled workers or the climate. This time it’s the water. Yes, Flint’s crisis of tainted water would turn businesses away from locating here. This is how we move it forward.

Reinvent the Wheel

Never stop challenging accepted practices with innovations -- it’s what entrepreneurs, engineers, scientists and many others do on a daily basis. If you can build a better wheel, do it!

Senate Action on Short Sales Would Relieve Homeowners, Communities

Soon the U.S. Senate Finance Committee will consider extending legislation that would aid underwater homeowners by expanding their ability to sell their homes at market price.

Leveraging Michigan’s Most Valuable Assets

Michigan must maximize every opportunity to leverage its natural assets and strengths to drive long-term job growth, income and GDP growth, says Doug Rothwell of Business Leaders for Michigan.

Reduce Wasted Energy and Build Community

One thing that always makes me shake my head is the fact that electric energy usage peaks in the summer in North America as people try to stay cool. It drives me crazy (which is a short trip, I admit). Considering the deep freeze of February 2015, it seems especially insane.

Gary Marcicano Inspired Colleagues and Community

Gary Marcicano brought the office together. For him it was a natural ability, but one that required sensitive and deep skills in communication, inclusion, cohesion and community. Gary helped us all move forward and will be missed.

‘Non-Competes’ Won’t Let Michigan Compete

Non-competes are hurting Michigan’s ability to compete in a new economy. Recent evidence clearly shows that states that allow and enforce non-compete agreements (even where limited to “reasonable” scope) show less mobility of talent, attract less venture capital, and have fewer startup ventures.

DIA Restates Case that Art is not Asset in Detroit Bankruptcy

The Detroit Institute of Arts maintains its position that Detroit-purchased art is not asset in city's bankruptcy after Christie's issues preliminary report that market value of art is $450 million to $870 million.

Boat Sales Point to Economy on a Comeback

- Boat sales nationally are up above 2006 levels for the first time. Compared with levels during the first summer after the Lehman Brothers bankruptcy, sales of boats 15 feet or longer in January 2012 showed a 40 percent increase.

Jennifer Kluge vs. Rick Blanchard on The Government Shutdown

 Corp! Publisher Jennifer Kluge and Managing Editor Rick Blanchard duke it out over the government shutdown.

New International Trade Crossing Provides a Bridge to Michigan’s Economic Prosperity

- The NITC will provide a state-of-the-art, strategically located bridge between Detroit and Windsor. Canada is Michigan's largest trading partner and the new crossing is vital to enhancing this $70 billion-a-year trade relationship. Michigan has nothing to lose and everything to gain by pursuing this project with Canada.

Off The Deeb End: Compassionate Consumerism

- Have you ever heard of the phrase "compassionate consumerism?" You will probably hear more about this since it is the hottest promotional phrase being used by retailers today throughout the country.

Wyoming: A Business-Friendly, Enduring Frontier

- Wyoming continues to have a strong economy, a balanced budget, and a favorable tax structure, but there are many more reasons why Wyoming is a great place to live and do business.

West Virginia Breaks Out of Economic Typecast

- West Virginia has cultivated new strengths, while continuing its commitment to traditional industries. Today, West Virginia's development strategies focus on emerging sectors such as aerospace, automotive, biometrics, biotechnology innovations, high technology data, higher-end data centers and business service centers.

From the Publisher: We Want to Hear From You

- In 2011, Corp! launched its first-ever Business Trends Survey. When we reported on the results in our Aug. 4, 2011, cover story, survey participants were as positive on their own companies as they are on the economy as a whole, with two-thirds expecting that business would increase moderately or even sharply during the next six months.

Off the Deeb End: What Became of ‘Thank You’?

- Have you noticed that things are moving much faster today than, say 10 years ago?  People are also moving faster today, trying to keep up with the faster speed of computers, e-mail and the internet.

Off The Deeb End: Lessons On Leadership

- Recently, I read Adam Bryant's column in the New York Times where he interviewed Barry Salzberg, global chief executive of Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu, about his important leadership lessons.

Let’s Put Detroit’s Census Count in Perspective

- Most people were startled by the news of Detroit's low census count. But some perspective is needed. The results don't change anything about the positive work under way to revitalize and re-energize this storied city and region.


Loepp Sets Retirement Date From Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan

Dan Loepp, who has led Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan for two decades, announced he'll retire at the end of 2024.

The Right Place debuts 10-Year Tech Strategy for Greater Grand Rapids Region

The Right Place has a plan to turn Grand Rapids into a major technology hub in the next decade.

Private Colleges Seek to Expand Campus Diversity, Equity

Private colleges are looking to expand opportunities for students from underserved communities as they push to change enrollment strategies as DEI efforts ramp up.
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