Off the Deeb End: What Became of ‘Thank You’?

– Have you noticed that things are moving much faster today than, say 10 years ago?

People are also moving faster today, trying to keep up with the faster speed of computers, e-mail and the internet.

Today, it appears to me that more and more people seem to take things for granted. If they receive a compliment, it is taken for granted. If they are given a gift, it is taken for granted. If you do someone a favor it is either expected or taken for granted. Rarely do you hear “thanks” or “thank you” in return.

Communicating via e-mail, for example, seems cold and impersonal. Sure we respond to messages quicker, but speed does not make for a warmer and more sensitive environment.

I am hearing more people today complaining that many people do not care about showing appreciation because they are too much in a hurry, or simply do not care. Although many are insensitive to people or in a hurry and unable to show their appreciation, thankfully not all people are that way.