Detroit’s Beloved Art Club Creates New Brand Campaign, Boosts Marketing

Quick question: What is the oldest non-profit organization in the state of Michigan? The answer may surprise you: The Scarab Club of Detroit. The Scarab Club recently launched a rebranding campaign to bring new people and new life to the 110-year-old arts institution. That starts tonight (Thursday, June 9, 2015) with a cocktail party for […]

No Desks? No Office Walls? No Problem for this Creative Agency

At the Alchemy Group, desks are so 2014. So are boring file cabinets, tethered desktop computers and most everything else that goes with a so-called traditional work environment. The Troy-based advertising and marketing “laboratory” has created the ultimate “open space,” removing the walls, desks and offices that disturb communication and collaboration, said co-creators Tom Nixon […]

27 States Adopt Benefit Corp Laws; Michigan Still in Limbo

Benefit Corp legislation has been proposed in the Michigan legislature since 2010. Nationwide, 27 states have adopted the business designation that makes social and environmental impact part of your articles of incorporation. Another 14 states are expected to pass the legislation in 2015. Is Michigan missing out on investments and new companies that want to form as Benefit Corps?

Five Reasons Not to ‘Hire the Rolodex’

When a candidate sells themselves as having a “great Rolodex,” what they really mean is, “My Rolodex is full of contacts – and I have no desire to make any more.” You don’t know if those contacts are still on the job, have moved on or changed to other departments. Worse, when it becomes apparent that the salesperson needs to make new relationships, it won’t happen.