Schostak Brothers & Company Celebrates 16 Employees With Tenures of 20 Years or more

Schostak Brothers & Company, a fourth-generation commercial real estate company with projects around the country, is celebrating 16 employees with tenures of 20 years or more.

“At Schostak Brothers & Company, empowering and recognizing the achievements of our people has always been a top priority,” said David Schostak, CEO of Schostak Brothers & Company. “We are thrilled to celebrate the impact these team members have had on our real estate practice along with the tremendous development and growth each has had in the broader scope of their careers. The long-term commitment of our employees speaks to the strong culture and reputation we have built and we could not be more proud.”

● Paula Goldman-Spinner, Vice President, Director of Commercial Properties | 43 years
● Steven J Duczynski, Vice President, Director of Development & Construction | 36 years
● Lori Schechter, Vice President, Managing Director | 35 years
● Angela Mader, Executive Vice President, Chief Financial Officer | 35 years
● Susan Darwak, Risk Manager | 33 years
● Laura Murray, Manager of Administrative Services | 32 years
● Bill Hall, Project Manager | 31 years
● Sandy Reinhardt, Vice President of Information Technology | 30 years
● Lynore Clark, Vice President of Property Management | 29 years
● Denny Cheshure, Staff Accountant Manager| 29 years
● Etta Lampar, Financial Services Manager | 28 years
● Bonnie Hamblin, Executive Assistant | 26 years
● David Johns, Vice President of Development & Construction | 20 years
● Alyssa Gallant, Administrative Assistant | 20 years
● Edie Schwartz, Administrative Assistant | 20 years
● Steve Fisher, President, Chief Executive Officer of Schostak-Fisher Group | 20 years

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