Clear Your Mind, Increase Productivity ‘€” the Benefits of Massage

By Peggy Davis
Nov. 8, 2012

Like many working mothers, I was busy; short on time and long on responsibility. Running a business, running to and from meetings, picking up kids up from school and practices, picking up the house…you get the picture. Bottom line: I was worn out physically, mentally, emotionally.

A friend suggested I go get a massage. A massage? I don’t have the time or money for that kind of a luxury! But my wise and patient friend persisted. She even went so far as to book a session for me. She insisted it would make me feel better. Guess what? It did. Not only did it force me to stop and take an hour of time for myself, but I really did feel better afterwards refreshed and rejuvenated. I was relaxed and re-energized…and clear headed. Hmmm, massage thank you. I’ll definitely be back.

Fast-forward a few years. I was strongly considering a career change. I was doing my due-diligence and researching various industries, growth potential, I was even looking at possible franchise opportunities. Then I came across a statistic that literally changed my life I call it my a-ha moment.

Nearly 70% of the American population has never had a therapeutic massage.

Talk about “growth potential. Very few businesses can even insinuate that kind of potential! Now I was a confirmed massage convert (once a month, no less…) and it dawned on me – massage was my future. Right there I decided to embark upon a business venture that was not only very personal to me, but one that could bring tangible health benefits to the lives of others.

Massage has been proven (over many centuries…) to be an integral part of a healthy lifestyle. In fact, it is one of the oldest healing arts. As the statistic above clearly implies, it is one that has not yet been fully embraced in the West.

But times – they keep changing. Many progressive health plans now cover therapeutic massage. This proven preventative health and wellness practice delivers tangible results to people of every walk of life the young, the old, and everyone in between. Athletes have long benefitted from it and so do the desk jockeys. Yes, massage helps to improve every workday and workplace performance.

Regardless of the subjective language each of us chooses to describe massage (therapeutic, relaxing, pampering or rejuvenating) or the objective reasons we actively seek it (to alleviate or manage pain, stress relief, a treat, or a retreat…), massage therapy is a powerful ally in building a healthy, happy employee and workforce.

Let’s consider therapeutic massage as part of your long-term employee management strategy and preventative health care regime.

Experts estimate that upwards of ninety percent of disease is stress-related:

  • Some speculate that nothing ages us faster than high stress.
  • While eliminating anxiety and pressure in this fast-paced world may be idealistic, massage helps everyone to manage that stress.

Massage translates into:

  • Decreased anxiety
  • Enhanced sleep quality
  • More energy
  • Improved concentration
  • Better blood circulation
  • Reduced fatigue

Furthermore, many who regularly receive therapeutic massage report an enhanced feeling of clarity and renewed perspective after receiving a massage. Name a boss who wouldn’t love to kickstart the employees when problem solving at work? Massage is proof-positive motivation! While tougher to quantify, the emotional balance massage provides is just valuable and sustainable as the more tangible physical benefits of this age-old therapy.

[SYSTEM-AD-RIGHT]With all this said, take a moment and imagine your employees on massage? Clearer heads at work, more energy for the tasks at hand, improved concentration, and coming in having received a better night’s sleep and ready to tackle for the day let’s not forget just plain feeling better. Consider the employees perspective; grateful is the word I hear all the time. An employee wants to know that the boss cares enough to make the investment in their health and wellbeing, and that counts for a lot. Massage is a big win for the employee and the employer alike.

Often overlooked or even misunderstood, massage has great value and benefit for everyone. If massage is not part of your overall health plan for you and your team, consider it moving forward. Massage services are a great incentive for employee bonuses, holiday or incentive gifts; they make great team builders, perks for a job well done and rewards for meeting or exceeding office goals. Those I have encouraged to try it for their businesses have been overwhelmed with the positive response – friends, partners, colleagues and associates alike. It is the gift that keeps on giving all year long.

Budgeting time and money for regular, therapeutic massage from a reputable professional is not only an investment in health, it is an investment in the health of your business. Remember: just because massage feels like a treat doesn’t mean it is any less therapeutic. Consider massage a necessary piece of your health and wellness plan. It’s a very affordable long-term investment.

Getting a massage can do a world of good; with our fast paced schedules, and the highly stressful world that we live in today, massage therapy is one of the best ways to relax and promote overall wellness, both physically and mentally. I refer to it as my personal insurance policy!

Peggy Davis cofounded LaVida Massage in 2006 and is now CEO of the Commerce, Mich.-based organization. Her background is rich in entrepreneurship, family business and accounting, and as CFO managing more than 100 franchises, prior to starting LaVida Massage. She can be reached at [email protected].