Agency Partners Publish First Books Concurrently

    Tom Nixon and Brent Eastman, partners at Royal Oak, Mich.-based brand strategy firm Alchemy, have each published their first books. Released almost concurrently, one is a fiction novel in the suspense genre (Nixon’s “The Long Lost”), and the other a non-fiction (Eastman’s “Walk”). Both on

    Tom Nixon has published “The Long Lost,” an original fiction novel in the suspense genre. This is Tom’s third novel, to go along with two screenplays, a children’s story, several short stories, and five album’s worth of music and lyrical composition.


    Brent Eastman (a.k.a. Venerable Hoden) wrote a contemporary guide to the eightfold path. As an ordained Buddhist monk, Brent has considerable expertise on finding peace and liberation in the modern world.