What Really Matters?

When I started writing EntreLeadership: 20 Years of Practical Business Wisdom from the Trenches, I asked myself the question, “What are the fundamental principles that caused my company to win?” In the process, I came up with six concepts that helped transform my business from a card table in the living room to a nationally […]

How Job Satisfaction and the Role of Management Fits Together

Many organizations deal with employees that do not perform to standards. One of the most frustrating things for managers and supervisors is to have employees who continually repeat the infraction. However, when the issues continue managers and supervisors are left to discipline and more likely terminate the individual. One of the critical factors impacting work […]

The Protocol of Calling Someone Out at Work

The workplace is renowned for holding conventional team sales meetings wherein performance, achievement and sales numbers are publicly touted.  When sales numbers are met and quotas exceeded, bells ring, horns blow, trumpets play and even obtuse exercises are ritually and merrily performed. Key individuals are buoyed by the recognition, accolades and affirmations which are great […]

The Door Is Always Open – Or Is It?

No matter what industry the company happens to be a part of, everyone who has ever worked within the corporate environment can site multiple examples where a manager or other leader has been utterly unapproachable. Remedying this situation requires addressing and correcting the very dynamic that permeates the workplace.