Open Your Sunroof and Feel the Drive!

Like it our not, our lives are constantly changing. What was previously “normal” for us seems to have changed -” establishing a new normal that will most likely transform several more times as life progresses. Remember when you could walk across a parking lot to enter a building expecting that a vehicle would give you the right of way? The experience is quite different now, with horns blaring, tempers flaring, and people waving to each other-¦one finger at a time! It seems to me that a selfishness has permeated our society, with a “me first” mentality in place of acts of kindness or even minimal consideration for others.

Where’s the fire? It seems that so many of us are racing toward or away from something, sometimes not even realizing where or why. To have drive, ambition, passion, or a sense of urgency can be very rewarding and healthy, however, speeding out of control without purpose can often be self destructive, as well as dangerous to those around us. It’s shame that some of our most precious resources are minimized or even neglected. Our senior citizens have been an integral part of providing us with the groundwork, tutelage and pioneering spirit that brought us where we are today. Unfortunately their reward ranges from struggling to pay bills to being considered an “inconvenience” to the generation they supported most of their lives. We are in turn transferring the burden onto future generations, diluting their ability to innovate, sustain our environment, and listen to what we have learned from our successes and failures.

In similar fashion, we have treated our planet in much the same way. We have squandered our natural resources, poisoned our water supply, and threatened our very existence due to global warming. My words are not intended to be “doom and gloom”-¦ quite the contrary. The message is simple -” we need to wake up!

As we open the windows at our homes or the sunroof in our vehicles, what do we experience? The warmth of the sun, a gentle breeze of fresh air, and an open air feeling are welcome and refreshing. We are also receiving a subliminal message — reuse the energy from the sun as solar power to light our cities and energize our homes and businesses. Harness a miniscule portion of the wind to generate electrical power and reduce our dependence on fossil fuel.

In simpler terms, let the warmth of the sun recharge and refresh your body. It is scientific fact that natural sunshine normalizes our body temperature and rapidly reduces melatonin levels, allowing us to remain alert and awake for longer periods of time. Fresh air cleanses our lungs and helps rid the impurities filtered in the process. This allows us to breathe deeper and increase the flow of oxygen to our brains. The result is an increased level of energy and clearer thinking.

The message is simple. Take time to enjoy your life. Smile frequently. Laugh hardily. Enjoy yourself at work and at home. Show appreciation to others. Give of your time, treasures, or talents to those in need.

Open up your mind to new possibilities, open your sunroof, and feel the drive!

John W. Bul, CMRP, is commercial manager, Webasto Roof Systems Inc.- Michigan Operations. He can be reached at [email protected].