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Business groups make ‘bold move’ in response to federal health care changes

Recent health care reforms made at the federal level of government are behind a move by two of Michigan's largest business associations in creating an Association Health Plan for Michigan employers

International collaboration designed to bring more cruise business to Great Lakes

A collaborative partnership designed to bring more cruise business to the Great Lakes is bringing together states that border the Great Lakes, plus Canadian provinces and travel partners.
Corp! Magazine Celebrates 20 Year Anniversary

Corp! Magazine Marks its 20th Year with New Publisher, Enhanced Reader Experience

"...When there was relentless negative coverage about business, we celebrated companies that were achieving success. We celebrated the thought leaders and executives who were driving change and success in Michigan, and in 2018 we are taking Corp! to the next level."


Unwrap Success: A Jolly Guide to Year-End Tips for Family Businesses

Experts offer tax tips headed into the holiday season,

Whitmer Signs Bill Package Aimed at Clean Energy Future

Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer signed a package of clean energy bills designed to create 160,000 jobs and bring $8 billon in federal tax dollars to the state.

GM Claims UAW Strike Cost $1.1 billion, Reinstates Full-Year Guidance

GM reinstates its full-year guidance following claims the UAW strike cost the company $1.1 billion.
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