Summer Heat Got You Beat? Grab a Grill and this Burger Recipe for Relief

    Summer finally feels like it is here, and that comes with a large dose of sunshine, sunscreen and a hunger for something just as lush to enjoy on a patio.

    The solution is this recipe for a Piedmontese Beef Burder, courtesy of Executive Chef Robert Young of Bastone Brewery in Royal Oak. It has the mandatory ingredients – beef, lettuce, tomato. But it amps up the flavor with prosciutto and goat cheese. It is on the restaurant’s new Burger & Brew menu, so you can try it in person or use this recipe to give it a go at home.

    Piedmontese, according to an industry website, is considered a healthier beef option. The unique genetics of the breed combine to create cattle that is more muscled than conventional cattle, so the yield of lean meat is greater than with other breeds. In fact, with Piedmontese cattle, all cuts of beef are lean because as they grow, the cattle add more muscle but less fat.

    BurgerPiedmontese Beef Burger 

    1 – 8 ounces of Piedmontese beef burger patty (available at Monty’s Beef in Royal Oak)
    1 thin slice of prosciutto
    2 ounces of goat cheese

    1.    Grill burger
    2.    Top with cheese, prosciutto, lettuce and tomato
    3.    Place on bun
    4.    Enjoy