Why Staffing Industry is Poised for More Growth

We are ostensibly in the midst of an economic recovery, but one need only turn on the news to see that Americans are feeling anxiety about the future. Some are unemployed, underemployed, and some have given up, but so many others are using this opportunity to start down a new path. From a jobs perspective, here's one to consider: a career in professional staffing.

Companies are hiring around new staffing models that better address the work preferences of the American workforce and are seeing positive results from it. Professionals are motivated to gain new work experience and try a different career path, which has led to many positive life changes.

Staffing industry outlook
The human resources/professional staffing industry is a progressive change agent for the shifting economy and an important resource for companies as they look to strategic growth both near- and long-term. In fact, from July 2009 to July 2011, the U.S. staffing industry led the way in job creation, topping the numbers of all other industries. Search and placement sales increased by nearly 23 percent in 2010, and there is a lot of growing yet to be done. The Bureau of Labor Statistics listed employment services as a top 10 industry for wage and salary employment growth between 2008 and 2018.

The science behind the positive outlook of the professional staffing industry lies with its long history of economic shifts. This industry can profit in any economy because there will always be an American workforce; it's just the specific requirements that change. For example, in a recession, on-demand professional staffing grows. Companies find value in the transitory nature of this workforce in order to make quick staffing decisions as dictated by the business. Given the broad stroke changes in industry and an increasingly mobile workforce, the appeal of on-demand, specialized professionals will continue to grow this industry segment.

Strength in franchising
Another business sector on the rise is franchising. People are generally more risk-adverse during a down economy, and a franchise lessens the risk by offering a ready-made business concept. Among the advantages a franchisee enjoys over someone starting a brand new business are a recognized brand and a network of advisers in the form of other franchise owners. Current franchising trends include greater assistance in marketing and obtaining capital, which franchisors are providing in response to current economic trends. For the many professionals seeking to change careers or become a business owner for any number of reasons-”greater work flexibility, autonomy, adventure, this is a very attractive option.

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