Off The Deeb End – Today Free Enterprise Must Resist Government Controls

In the past, I have promoted the concept of “free enterprise resisting monopoly.”

As most of you know, I for one, do not favor any form of socialism. But today, it seems that free enterprise is losing ground to “government control.” The new slogan should be “free enterprise resists government control.”

As we have recently experienced with the stranglehold the government has been placing on the automobile industry, it seems that if you don’t play the game the way the government wants, you won’t get any help.

Not only is free enterprise the cornerstone of the American economy, but it is also the foundation of entrepreneurship. To be an entrepreneur one must be able to take a calculated risk because when you start a business, you always hope for the best, but success is not guaranteed.

Presently, it is the international arena that concerns me most. While the North American Free Trade Agreement sounds like a great idea to foster trade between our friends to the north in Canada and to the south in Mexico, various countries have their own policies which work to undermine those of the United States. This is an area the government should be most concerned about: to assure that NAFTA agreements are fair for all including the USA.

Because labor rates may be favorable to one nation, or tariffs favor one nation over another, it always seems that our nation gets hurt the most.

And that means our businesses are affected by such agreements.

So if our government wants to “control or influence” business, it should start with our international agreements. Go to bat for our businesses, and not be out-competed against by others. In so doing, our government will be able to encourage free enterprise in our own country, and not become a hindrance, which will suppress chances to achieve the American Dream.