From the Publisher: Turning the “worry button” off and celebrating small accomplishments

Unfortunately, it’s human nature to worry and when the economy is slow these worries are heightened. I come from the school that everything happens for a reason and there is a challenge and opportunity that comes with change. Change and friction are necessary for long-term stability and honest appreciation of what we have.

I have in the past year found, actually re-found, a respect for my job and the income it provides. I have respect and appreciation for work ethic and results-driven performance. These are good things for society and for long-term economic stability. It creates ingenuity and a refocus that is absolutely necessary for companies to succeed.

Turning the worry button off — the thoughts that go through your mind focused on fear — is not an easy task, but necessary. Focusing on the negative actually makes the negative happen. What if we celebrated the small achievements and focused on those? Many small successes make long-term growth sustainable. This ability actually allows you to move and adapt to change and creates new opportunities, but only after the worry button is turned off.

In my life, my three large “worries” came true in one week. I had put so much energy focusing on them not happening that the irony of them all happening in the same week was right out of a novel. Let me tell you though, it liberated me. They all happened, I dealt with them, I laughed through it, and I felt ridiculous that I wasted so much energy in the wrong direction.

Celebrating and focusing on “small” business dealings like getting through the door of a possible client rather than closing the deal, getting a compliment from a client that is happy with your services, having an employee tell you they respect your leadership, bringing in or saving $1,000 rather than $10,000 is a small success. To me these successes are huge, not small. You will find once you identify the small successes they will grow in numbers.

At our office we have a celebration vase. Each time a team member accomplishes something, whether large or small, we put a marble in the vase. Upon filling the vase with the celebration marbles, we close the office and enjoy the larger accomplishment. This large accomplishment is made up of hundreds, approximately 600 smaller achievements.

This perspective allows you to open your mind to the changes and opportunities that always exist. Many successful entrepreneurs have this unique lesser known skill. Perhaps it might help you as well and help the people you lead.