From the Publisher: Everything Digital joins the Corp! family of publications

We hope you are enjoying the latest addition to the Corp! suite of publications, Everything Digital. Everything Digital will cover the latest business gadgets, social media, Internet advertising and marketing techniques, search engine optimization, retail online sales, Web site technology, database software and much more.

It’s important for media sources to cover digital news and best practices as we do with more mainstream content such as finance and economics. The world is becoming a digital marketplace that quickly evolves. What was appropriate business last year is old in the digital world. We have invited guest experts, as well as our team of writers, to give you an edge for innovation using digital technology. Corp! will help keep you ahead of the curve in the fast- paced digital environment.

Our full content of digital stories can be found online at our Web site as well as in our Everything Digital edition. As always, I like to hear from you so please let us know what you think about our latest Everything Digital edition. Enjoy.

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Richard Blanchard
Rick is the Managing Editor of Corp! magazine. He has worked in reporting and editing roles at the Port Huron Times Herald, Lansing State Journal and The Detroit News, where he was most recently assistant business editor. A native of Michigan, Richard also worked in Washington state as a reporter, photographer and editor at the Anacortes American. He received a bachelor of arts from the University of Michigan and a master’s in accountancy from the University of Phoenix.