How to Cut Through the Environmental Alphabet Soup

All too often the language of government, engineers and consultants is littered with jargon and acronyms. ASTI Environmental aims to change that by simplifying the language and myriad acronyms that the industry uses. In fact, ASTI Environmental says speaking plainly and clarifying acronyms is often cited as they conduct client satisfaction surveys and technical presentations.

With that goal in mind, ASTI is providing the following guide to common environmental acronyms useful with your day-to-day tasks:

AAI – All Appropriate Inquiry

ACMs  – Asbestos Containing Materials

AQM  – Air Quality Monitoring

ASTM  – American Society for Testing and Materials

BDP  – Business Development Program

BEA  – Baseline Environmental Assessments

BTEX  – Benzene, Toluene, Ethylene and Xylene

CERCLA  – Comprehensive Environmental Response Compensation and Liability Act (Superfund)

CET  – Certified Environmental Trainer

CHMM  – Certified Hazardous Materials Manager

CIA  – Corridor Improvement Authority (PA 280 of 2005)

CMI – Clean Michigan Initiative

CRP  – Community Revitalization Program (MEDC)

DCP – Due Care Plan

DDCC  – Documentation of Due Care Compliance

DEQ  – Department of Environmental Quality

DNAPL  – Dense Non Aqueous Phase Liquid

DNR  – Department of Natural Resouces (Mich.)

E1527-13 – Guides completion of Phase 1 ESAs

ECI – Environmental Concerns Inventories

EDR – Environmental Data Research

EA  – Environmental Assessment

EIS  – Environmental Impact Study

EP  – Environmental Professional

EPA  – U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

ESA  – Environmental Site Assessment

FAR  – Floor to Area Ratio

GR  – Grand Rapids

GPR  – Ground Penetrating Radar

ICSC  – International Council of Shopping Centers

LBFTA  – Land Bank Fast Track Authority

LBP  – Lead Based Paint

LDFA  – Local Finance Development Authority

LEED  – Leadership for Energy and Environmental Design

LF  – Landfill

LIHTC – Low Income Housing Tax Credits

LUG  – Local Unit of Government

LUST  – Leaking Underground Storage Tanks

MAERS – Michigan Air Emissions Reporting Software

MEDA – Michigan Economic Developers Association

MEDC – Michigan Economic Development Corp.

MSHDA – Michigan State Housing Development Authority

NBA – National Brownfields Association

NAPL – Non-Aqueous Phased Liquids (formerly called free product)

NEPA – National Environmental Policy Act

NEZ – Neighborhood Enterprise Zone

NFA – No Further Action (letter)

NREPA – Natural Resources and Environmental Protection Act (PA451 of 1994)

NPL – National Priorities List

NSP – Neighborhood Stabilization Program

OPRA – Obsolete Property Rehabilitation Authority (PA 146 of 2000)

PCA – Property Condition Assessment

PCBs – Polychorinated Biphenyls

PCE – Perchlorethylene

PIPP – Pollution Incident Prevention Plan

PNAs – Polynuclear Aromatics

PTI – Permit to Install

PTE – Potential to Emit

QLUG – Qualified Local Unit of Government

RAP – Remedial Action Plan

RAP – Response Activities Plan

RBCA – Risk Based Corrective Action

RCRA – Resource Conservation and Recovery Act

REC – Recognized Environmental Condition

RLF – Revolving Loan Fund

ROP – Renewable Operating (Title V)

RRD – Remediation and Redevelopment Division

SARA – Superfund Amendment and Reauthorization Act (Title III)

SIC – Standard Industrial Classification

SPCC – Spill Prevention Control and Countermeasure Plan

SVE – Soil Vapor Extraction

For more questions on environmental acronyms or issues, ASTI provides this url to their staff: