Holiday Gift Guide

The magic of today’s technology spoils us with cell phones, GPS systems, wireless Internet access, computers and countless other toys and gadgets.

Might there be someone today in our culture, perhaps a business owner, executive, college student, homemaker, teenager, entrepreneur, or salesperson, who doesn’t make use of at least some of today’s electronic gadgetry?

For this Holiday Gift Guide, we’ve chosen items that executives and other on-the-go busy people just perhaps couldn’t do without. Or perhaps, you want something no one else would ever imagine just for yourself?

Some or all of these selections might arouse your interest. Take a few minutes to browse the selection we’ve put together, and avoid handing out that last-minute gift certificate.

As this is the time of year for giving, don’t forget something for that standout employee you’ve noticed more than once going “above and beyond.” Giving is a special gift too.

Harness the Wind
Eco-friendly backyard wind-powered turbines designed to hook up to your home and reduce your electric bills are here.

Models are available in varied sizes to meet energy needs for an entire house, the summer cottage, remote locations, or even a small business or power for your boat.

With a broad range of pricing ($500 to $15,000), Arizona-based Southwest Windpower designs these wind generators to provide quiet, clean electricity in low winds.

Digital Underwater Camera and Video Diving Mask
We’ve been to the moon, sent up satellites, even placed the Hubble telescope in orbit to explore the heavens. Closer to home, water lovers can now snap quality photos and shoot video of their own exploration in the pool or ocean with this device by Liquid Image.

Features include: 16 MB built-in memory, expandable memory with SD cards, crosshairs on mask for precise shots, includes editing software and USB cable, water resistant up to 30 feet. Record sea life hands-free; USB interface; and five-megapixel image capture., $99.50.

Forerunner 405
Garmin’s hand-held fitness device is just right for the runner wanting instant data they can analyze and improve on.

The Forerunner 405 tracks time, speed, heart rate and calories burned, making it ideal for the fitness enthusiast. Whether running for distance or speed, you’ll find the latest techno wizardry in this one device. Also includes GPS access.

Wear as a sports watch when not in training. Choose green or black., $299.99.

BlackBerry Bold
How amazed do you want to be?

With a BlackBerry Bold in your hand you’ll have GPS technology mapping out your destination, be able to playback important voicemails, read your e-mails, talk to clients and set up appointments-”even text message your evening plans or view graphics on a high-definition screen.

If staying in touch is what you need to have a productive day, then this gift is waiting for you. Visit

Diplomat Talking Translator
The company is sending you on a business trip to another country, but you don’t know the language. No problem with the hand-held Diplomat Talking Translator at your side. It offers over 240,000 words and 27,000 phrases.

Select from Hebrew, English, French, Spanish, Italian, Greek, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Russian, German and Arabic. Phonetically pronounce characters in your language, and hear them pronounced back in the language you’ve chosen. Converts currency too!

Visit, $199.95.