Be Bold in Business and Don’t Go it Alone

Kayakers on the river

How do you take advantage of growth opportunities? The economy has bounced back since the recession and it’s time to act bold and develop our businesses. The boost in the economy is an opportunity to leaders and companies that should be embraced.

Some leaders thrive during transitions, some freeze. Fear brought on by change and risk is common. If you are uncomfortable taking chances and risk, you are not alone. Fortunately there are ways to improve your confidence and capability in implementing changes for the good of the organization.

If your business survived the recession, chances are collaboration within your organization is responsible. After an accomplishment, it’s essential to once again, engage your team in risk-taking and embracing change. Even more important: gaining advice from outside your organization.

When facing unfamiliar territory it’s crucial to surround yourself with trusted advisers. Often leaders experience the “lonely at the top syndrome” and there are many companies that have the same key issues concerning implementing change and growth.

The idea of looking for additional help can be daunting; the key is to search for a voice that is unbiased, a group or person who is solely invested in your success. Many coaches have walked in your shoes and have wisdom to share.

It is important how to find the right coach or group. Just as you wouldn’t pick the first architect you meet to build your home, take the time to align yourself with a coach that will challenge you and hold you accountable. Look for leadership groups filled with diverse businesses that expect confidentiality. This confidentiality clause should be honored by both the coach and peer group in order to build and sustain trust.

Recently, a Vistage Michigan member wrote me about his experience with his member group and coach. He shared that the advice and support he received changed his business, as well as his personal life. Business coaching should do just that: it should impact you as a leader in totality. If you are growing as a leader, then you are growing as a person. This growth should be sustainable and constant, not a one-time experience. You should be able to transfer the knowledge gained and apply it throughout your company. Some take it a step further by embracing the competencies demonstrated by their coaches and In turn become a supportive coach to their employees.

Leaders, here are two support systems to consider:

  • Join a Chief Executive group
    Peer groups outside your company that invest in each other’s success
    Groups based on confidentiality
    Members from diverse businesses and backgrounds
  • Hire a coach
    Work one-on-one with a coach to unfold business issues
    Expect to be challenged
    Select the “best fit” in a coach