Want your employees to feel connected? Give them a View from the Top

Sometimes, employees can feel removed from their managers or executive team, who may work in a different location or work in offices that are separate from the overall workspaces.

Whatever the reason, companies who want to have clear communication with their workers strive to find ways to lessen that separation. One example is the “View from the Top,” a program being implemented at ProcureTechStaff, a firm that specializes in providing IT consulting and business consulting services.

The company, founded in 2012 in the Chicago suburb of Naperville, Ill., focuses on providing what it calls proficient services in the fields of Human Capital Consulting, Contingent Workforce Management Solutions, Corporate Restructuring and Staffing Process Re-Engineering.

ProcureTechStaff has locations in five different countries around the globe. Some of these locations include sites in Toronto, Canada; Cainlea, Victoria in Australia; West Bengal in India; and Bangalore, India. Biplab Chaudhuri is the CEO of PNC Capital LLC, which does business as ProcureTechSTaff Consulting Services.

Senior Vice President Chuck Marcinkewich says one of the more important areas that the company is working on is bringing new employees into the business, something known as onboarding in the human-resources field. Here are some of the conversation Corp! magazine had with Marcinkewich about how the company is working on communication and this new program, View from the Top.

Corp!: What program or event do you consider one of your best in terms of communication or sharing your vision with employees?
ProcureTechStaff (PTS): We have implemented an on boarding program that we call “View from the Top.” It is an overall view of the company, our business model and the vision from the CEO and senior management about where we started and where we are looking to go. The emphasis is on the individual and how their hiring is important to our overall success. We feel that this is the best way to share the vision while showing how important their hire is and where they fit into our success.

Corp!: How did you come up with or develop it?
PTS: It was a vision of our CEO to make sure everyone understood the importance of their hire as it pertains to our overall success.

Corp!: How do employees use it?
PTS: Not sure if they use it per se, but it is a real motivator for them to walk in and feel as if the decision to join was the right one.

Corp!: How has it grown or changed?
PTS: Well, this is recently established, but the feedback we are getting from recent hires is that it is a real motivator and something that they felt was a great introduction to the company and its leadership.

Corp!: What else you do want people to know about your company or this program?
PTS: Well, I think the one thing we would like people to know is that PTS is a family as much as it is a company. We welcome any and all to join our growing company.