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Hispanic, Latino businesses invest in their culture, each other

Michigan’s Hispanic and Latino businesses are investing in their culture and each other.

Transit systems try to fit needs of workers, employers

Transit systems try to fit needs of workers, employers.

Three cheers for going green: Michigan universities honored for sustainability

The University of Michigan and two other Michigan universities were recently ranked among the U.S. and Canada’s greenest colleges.

Michigan’s volunteer cyber corps expands despite critical audit report

Michigan cybersecurity group attacking breaches gets a performance review of its own.

More bars, restaurants jump on the mocktail bandwagon with non-alcoholic offerings

Perhaps your client only has time to meet for dinner. Maybe your vendor wants to talk business during an after-work get-together. Whatever the reason, you’ve got to...

Coming soon: Public libraries to offer new on-demand video courses

Libraries – and their all-important research experts, the librarians themselves – have always been places where learning come first and foremost. Now,...

Five tips for living a more creative and artistic life in the New Year

You hear these terms all of the time: Burned out. Exhausted from the daily grind. Just too overwhelmed by social media and...

Michigan’s farmers struggle with trade, production but look forward in 2020

Michigan’s farmers are looking forward in 2020, hopeful for resolutions or at least relief from issues such as trade uncertainty, rising costs and homegrown challenges such as tighter lending from financial institutions.

Since China won’t buy recyclables, centers look for local markets

With China out of the picture as a recycling market, other recyclers are looking locally, particularly at how they're handling it in Emmet County.

MSU Center for Economic Analysis: 2020 economic growth set for Michigan

For many, 2019 was a year of highs and lows. For the lows, there were a lot of conversations around political unrest, economic uncertainty as well as...

Michigan forests could become partner in carbon storage, climate change fight

Generally speaking, foresters count on Michigan’s 3.9 million acres of state forest for two primary things: Maximizing a steady supply of timber, and providing a habitat for wildlife.

Local youth get a hand up to bundle up with H&M just in time...

What happens when you bring together a fashion-forward nonprofit group with one of the best-known retailers of fast fashion? Something great for...

Diversity award winners foster inclusive cultures

Salute to Diversity Awards celebrates 13th year.

Close to home: Great Lakes cruises bring visitors to region

Great Lakes cruises bring visitors to region.

‘Wheel of Life’ helpful in setting meaningful 2020 goals

The Wheel of Life is a helpful concept when you're setting meaningful goals for the upcoming year.

A Perfect Toast: Celebrate this New Year’s with a Michigan beer

Perhaps fine French Champagne isn’t in your budget or to your end-of-year tastes. One Michigan craft brewer has something different for you to try.

New role gives MCVA chief chance to help build the economic ecosystem

Ara Topouzian takes on new role in venture capital group.

CEO investment in training, engagement helps company grow within its industry

Companies looking to boost participation in strategy sessions should take a page out of the book of Merchants Fleet, which encourages its CEO to take part in these meetings.

The only answer CEO will accept from a new or long-time employee is a...

Companies who want employees to be passionate about what they’re doing need a hiring process that matches that passionate spirit. At Atlanta-based DMC Atlanta, everyone coming aboard has to agree the job is their top choice.

Company finds success giving new employees a boost with upfront training

The core values at companies like The Predictive Index, where confident employees are “drinking their own champagne,” follow “threads” that include values such as teamwork, honesty, reliability and energy, among others.