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Michael McFall and Bob Fish have a simple goal: They want Biggby Coffee to be the dominant gourmet coffee retailer in Michigan. Period. One might look at that objective and think it is too modest. Too narrow. Too short sighted. McFall and Fish take umbrage with that opinion. For them, dominating the state is the […]

Restructuring Detroit and its Statewide Impact

October 2013 – Detroit’s widely publicized bankruptcy filing has statewide impact — and sets a precedent for cities across the nation. While the impact is not yet fully known, state business owners and industry groups agree that Michigan took a hit with the filing. But looking ahead, what will be the message coming from the Motor City? Business leaders say if they could have one goal coming out of the restructuring it would be that Detroit is ready for investment and that it’s viewed as highly attractive to Michigan business and those out of state.

‘The Biggest Heart In Town’

August 2013 – Vivian Pickard is not only president of the GM Foundation, but also the director of Corporate Relations for General Motors Corp. That is a powerful role by any measure. Pickard is a standout role model to business leaders everywhere. Her workday might mean helping to muster emergency aid and volunteers for tornado victims, speaking to community groups or presenting a check to Habitat for Humanity. She can handle it all – her passion for giving back has deep roots, where from age 10 her family made a commitment to making a difference in their community.

Garden Fresh Does Deli Right

– Garden Fresh Gourmet is adding bold ingredients to its recipe for success. President Jack Aronson is experimenting with protein-packed superfoods at company headquarters in Ferndale, Mich. With the help of high-pressure processing machines, which dramatically extend the shelf life of his dips, salsas and hummus products, Garden Fresh has grown from a guy making salsa with a bucket in the back of his restaurant to a $100 million food giant.

Assembling Citywide Change

– Not many offices keep a shiny Ford Mustang on site for employees to drive and show off to their families. But that red convertible is one of the perks at Detroit Manufacturing Systems, where the vehicle’s instrument panel is assembled – and where Andra Rush is president and CEO. Empowering her employees – to drive, to make something, to have a job that will become a career – is among the reasons Rush considers Detroit Manufacturing Systems a game changer. And that’s just one of companies she heads up in the Rush Group.

Betting ‘Big Time’ on Detroit

– Josh Linkner, CEO and managing partner of Detroit Venture Partners, an investment firm focused on turning Detroit into a high-tech hub, believes the city is in the midst of an historic urban turnaround. But Linkner and partners don’t want a Chicago. They don’t want New York. They don’t even want Silicon Valley. They want Detroit. They want the city to evolve into the best version of itself.