From the Publisher: Doing what it takes … having drive and passion

On my route to and from work, something struck me as odd. A man was standing at a bus stop with his bike. Bus stop, bike, frigid temperatures, inches of snow? This doesn’t make sense. When I saw him again, it hit me. He’s going to work with no car, but he has a bus and a bike. He is so driven that he rides his bike in the snow, with the temperature -5 degrees, to the bus stop, gets on the bus and then rides to work. Bike Man is not making excuses, such as not having a car -” a legitimate excuse for most of us -” to stop him from working. That’s passion.

Yesterday I was at our reception area and a woman walked in, handed me her business card and asked me if I could use her services. It was 7 degrees outside with wind chill at -15 degrees and Frigid Jane is going door to door to make business happen.

So often we hear in the news about the unemployment lines, the layoffs, the foreclosures. So little do we hear about Bike Man and Frigid Jane, but in reality a majority of us are these people. Those that overcome obstacles and make things happen. No lights, no cameras, no helicopters hovering over our houses.

When I started my first job out of school we were in a similar economy. Everyday my goal was to send out 25 resumes and make 25 follow up phone calls (mind you it was the old-fashioned way with paper and mail). After six solid months of sending out resumes, making calls and the occasional interview, I got a job out of town. It wasn’t the job I wanted, but I knew I would have to prove myself. I was able to get a one room apartment, and honestly, I slept on the floor with no heat for three months. I was too proud to ask for help. At times, I didn’t have enough for a meal. Those were the best dang days because I was making things happen.

I am tired of hearing the complaining and excuses that make us lazy. Things are not great, but dang it, get up and do something about it. Everyone has every potential to be great. Don’t have a car? Then ride a bike. Don’t have new accounts? Then go get them. No one said that it would be easy, or that you won’t have obstacles. But really, how boring would life be if everything was handed to you. Now, go get it done and appreciate what you have, don’t focus on what is missing.

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Richard Blanchard
Rick is the Managing Editor of Corp! magazine. He has worked in reporting and editing roles at the Port Huron Times Herald, Lansing State Journal and The Detroit News, where he was most recently assistant business editor. A native of Michigan, Richard also worked in Washington state as a reporter, photographer and editor at the Anacortes American. He received a bachelor of arts from the University of Michigan and a master’s in accountancy from the University of Phoenix.