Do You Appreciate the Opportunity?

Our ancestors appreciated this country much more than we do today. Shame on us for not keeping their ideals preserved.

My Grandparents on both sides came to this country with nothing but hope. Literally. They didn’t want to be told what to do and they wanted an environment where their religious views would not be scrutinized. My Grandfather ate moldy bread for most of his childhood as they had no money, but they didn’t complain because they had a voice, freedom to do what they wanted. He went on to be a successful entrepreneur, a self-made man and took care of his eight siblings and parents. He appreciated the opportunity.

My other Grandfather came over on the boat through Ellis Island, had the clothes on his back and didn’t speak any English. He worked on the line for years, appreciative of the opportunity to work and make his own money. He eventually opened several stores and made the most of the American Dream. He appreciated the opportunity.

Why is it that so many Americans fail to appreciate the toil and lives lost over the freedom of choice, religion and the ability to speak out on issues? There are some countries where they will shoot you dead if you complain about the government.

My Grandparents shared their stories of religious persecution, coming to America with a dream of a better life so it would be ingrained in future generations. As the world flattens and we start doing business in other countries and learn about their cultures, perhaps appreciation for what we have will once again hold its esteem. Some of you may not recall your heritage or the stories that were passed on long ago, they are lost in time. But remember, someone came to this country with a dream.

For those of you who don’t vote, talk to someone who came from another country and ask them why they wanted to come to America. Freedom is worth fighting for and worth Voting for. How can you call yourself an American if you don’t exercise your right to vote? We owe it to those who came before us, the lives that were lost, the sacrifices made to appreciate all that we have. Do you appreciate the opportunity?