What Makes Your Phone Ring?

By Aaron S. Beals
February 19, 2009

When was the last time you heard a company telling you to visit their Web site at: If you are like most people, you have probably never experienced this. One of the most obvious reasons why companies would never show their web site in this format is because it is not easy or memorable for their current and potential clients/customers.

Unfortunately, many companies would not think twice about advertising their phone number in the traditional numeric format either, i.e. (248) 555-5555. This is because it has become the standard practice to advertise and publish phone numbers in numerals. Interestingly enough, it is well-known that words are much easier to remember than a random series of numerical digits.

For example, take a look at 1-800-624-5227 vs. 1-800-NAIL-CARE. It’s virtually guaranteed that more people will remember the mnemonic phone number appearing in letters. Why make it difficult for people to call you? We would all be dreaming if we expected our prospects to carry our business cards, advertising pieces, or any other company literature/information around with them all the time -“ everywhere they go.

Selecting The Right Vanity Toll Free Number
When selecting a memorable toll free number it is important to find one that will be simple enough for your customers to remember. The 800 prefix is the most desirable, followed by 888, 877 and 866. Keep in mind, the simpler, the better. For example, 1-800-4-EQUITY is a more favorable choice over 1-866-390-EQUITY. The 800 prefix is the best which means that it also requires a larger financial investment.

Commonly, people ask, “Can’t I just call up the phone company and get a vanity toll free number?” You can certainly call them, but the great, high-profile, and memorable numbers are mostly unavailable. Much of this to has to do with the fact that toll free numbers have been around since 1967. Many high-quality toll free numbers have already been taken. Your best bet is to select a company that specializes in providing vanity toll free numbers and the necessary call tracking/monitoring.

Nowadays, the number of people that own mobile phones are at record levels. This makes it easy for potential customers to call a business as soon as they need their services. However, this can only occur if the potential customer remembers the phone number to the respective business. Recent technology has brought about Smartphones, which are also gaining in popularity. Many of the Smartphones on the market truly are “smart phones.” The Blackberry, for example, allows callers to dial vanity toll free numbers by typing in capital letters. This is quite impressive, since a Smartphone’s keypad is not formatted the same as a traditional telephone keypad.

Final Word
So the next time you hear your competitor rattling off a non-memorable toll free number in an ad, you can smile and say that you simply know better. Vanity toll free numbers typically generate at least a 30 percent increase in response in comparison with a generic toll free number.

Aaron S. Beals is the president of ®ing ®ing, a provider of memorable toll free numbers to companies; in order to increase their marketing and advertising response. He can be reached at 866.RING.RING or [email protected].