‘Wheel of Life’ helpful in setting meaningful 2020 goals

If you’re naturally an achiever, it’s not hard to hit goals. That’s what made you so successful.

But what about after work? Are you still struggling to lose weight? Not spending enough time with your kids? Can’t remember the last time you had a date night? These are all signs you’re not living a balanced life. 

So, how do you ensure you’re at your best in every area that matters? Try starting with the Wheel of Life.

The idea of the Wheel of Life is thousands of years old. In the 1960s, Paul J. Meyer, founder of Success Motivation Institute, created a tool using the idea of the wheel. It was a visual representation of all the areas of your life where you need to set goals, laid out in the spokes of a wheel.

But the wheel really came into prominence when the late Zig Ziglar adopted it and chose seven areas of focus — career, financial, spiritual, physical, intellectual, family and social.

Why Is the Wheel of Life Important?

The idea behind the wheel of life is that every part of you is important. To be successful as a whole, you have to set goals carefully and intentionally in every area of your life — not just work.

Why do you need goals? Goals force practical steps into your life to make your dreams come true. You’re laying out exactly what you want to do in detail.

Your first step is to start thinking of goals you want to accomplish in each wheel of life category. Keep in mind that for goals to work, no matter what spoke of the wheel you’re on, they must be set down in writing, specific and measurable, have a time limit and be yours.

Now that you know how to set goals that work, let’s imagine some examples for each area in the coming year. The examples are for business owners or leaders, but the wheel of life and goal-setting work for any profession and any stage of life.


How much do I want to grow my company? How do I increase employee engagement?

Create a customer loyalty program by November 1.

Partner with two industry influencers by August 1.

Start a monthly free lunch for all employees by September 15.


How comfortable am I with my amount of retained earnings? What percentage of my profits could I pay toward reducing debt?

Decrease expenses by two percent before December 31.

Save three-to-six months of retained earnings by December 15.

Pay myself a living wage by July 1.


Where do I want to be spiritually in six months? How can I get closer to God?

Pray twice a day starting January 1.

Read one chapter of the Bible each week of 2020.

Identify and join a small group at my church by March 15.


Are there any changes I would like to make in my diet? How satisfied am I with my overall health? How often would I like to exercise?

Lose 35 pounds by October 1.

Walk for 30 minutes every day after work.

Make an appointment for a regular checkup by January 15.


What would I like to learn? What one daily habit can I start to improve myself intellectually?

No online activity one day per week.

Read one chapter of a nonfiction book every day.

Visit two places I’ve never been by October 1.


What do we want to achieve as a family? What do I need to do to be a better parent? How can I improve my relationship with my spouse?

Schedule a date night every other week beginning in January.

Plan and book a family vacation by April 1.

Schedule a family meal once a week by January 15.


What can I do to connect with others? What can I do for my community? How do I build better relationships with my friends?

Schedule a volunteer day once a month beginning on March 1.

Plan a monthly night out with friends beginning in February.

Host two dinner parties by the end of the year.

The Wheel of Life isn’t flashy or new, but it’s an important tool that still works today. Take time to use it. I promise you’ll see a difference and an improvement in every area of your life!

Leadership andsmall business expert Dave Ramsey is CEO of Ramsey Solutions. He has authored numerous best-selling books, including EntreLeadership. The Dave Ramsey Show is heard by 16 million listeners each week on more than 600 radio stations and multiple digital platforms. Follow Dave at entreleadership.com on the web.