First-Time Unemployment Claims Climb by 18,000

    Statistics for first-time unemployment claims continue to ride something of a roller coaster

    According to statistics released by the Labor Department Thursday, some 185,000 American workers filed for first-time unemployment assistance in the week ending April 8.

    That’s up some 18,000 from the adjusted total the previous week.

    Such claims had reached a pandemic-era low (166,000) for the week ending March 19, then jumped to 171,000 the following week. First-time claims then dropped back to 167,000 last week.

    Last week’s totals marked the highest total since March 5, when 198,000 filed, according to UPI.

    According to Labor Department statistics, the four-week moving average of first-time claims was at 172,500, an increase of some 2,000 from the week before.

    The total for all U.S. residents filing for unemployment claims for the week of ending April 2 was 1.475 million, a drop of 48,000 from the previous week, according to the Labor Department.