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Communication a Key to Managing Family Business

Nothing causes a family business more distress than conflict and, even more so, the inability of family members to communicate. Do these questions and statements sound familiar? “We’re afraid to leave...

Building Business Value

Identifying Exit Strategies Key to Preparing Family Business for Transition.

Succession Plan in Place for ‘Family’ Owned Prefix

Experts say communication is the key when setting up a succession plan, even for a family owned business.

Managing COVID-19’s Unexpected Consequences for Healthcare Benefits

Employees have endured an overload of change and employers are sensing a stark increase in stress and burnout. In fact, 44% believe the situation has worsened since the pandemic began.

Family Relationships and Family Business … A Balance that Requires Immediate Attention

While clarifying the current owner’s attitudes toward ownership succession sets the stage, determining who will actually operate the business and guide its success into the future is an equally important part of the process.

State and Local Tax Considerations for Remote Employees – and their Employers

There are a variety of issues employers will have to consider in terms of state and local taxes for remote employees.

Creating a Legacy of Continuity and Success

Family Biz Forum — Enlightening • Entertaining • Encouraging. Brought to you by DKSS CPAs & Advisors

National Science Foundation Grants Davenport $650k in Scholarships for Computer Science Majors

Davenport University, the beneficiary of three National Science Foundation grants in 3 years, has been awarded a new S-STEM grant for $647,527 to recruit, retain, graduate and prepare 20...

What Level of Leader Are You?

Like many, when I first became a manager, I was taught the cardinal rule of leadership: How to hold my team accountable. My success or failure as a leader...

The unique professional challenges of managing a team during a pandemic

When the first wave of quarantine-related shutdowns and work-at-home transitions began in earnest in the spring, the initial focus from business leaders was taking care of the practical. Sorting...

PPP Loan Forgiveness – Wait for it, wait for it….

The best advice for PPP Loan Forgiveness (at least at press time) continues to be, “wait for it, wait for it.” Until there is more clear direction, as difficult...

Turning Over a Family Business is No Small Feat

Family businesses play a key role in our economy. According to the Family Owned Business Institute at Grand Valley State University, there are 5.5 million family businesses in the...

Financial Planning After a Market Decline

What should businesses be talking about with their financial advisors? Experts say taking a goals-based approach to calm the fear and anxiety of market fluctuation.

The New “PPP” for Small Businesses: Proactive. Positive. Planning.

There are key actions small-business owners should take in their quest not just to survive, but thrive in the "new normal" of the pandemic world.

When You’re Ready to Transition Out of Your Business, What’s Next?

Even during this uncertain time, business owners are exiting their companies. The question is: are they doing it on their terms? Frankly, most owners only transition out of their...

What’s Next? Build Transferable Value to Beat Your Competitors

We’re all experiencing fear and uncertainty due to COVID-19, especially in terms of safeguarding our family and friends. Business owners are also wondering “what’s next” when it comes to...

For Re-engaging Businesses, The Future Starts Now

When a global pandemic capsizes your industry virtually overnight, the first step for anyone who finds themselves overboard is to make sure they don’t drown.

The New “PPP” for Small Businesses: Proactive. Positive. Planning.

Financial experts say there are a number of key steps small-business owners need to take to withstand COVID-19, but to also be able to tell your story of surviving the worst global crisis of a lifetime.

Creating harmony: Dwyer ready to connect as first woman to lead Clark Hill’s Detroit...

Earlier this year a member of Clark Hill’s labor and employment law practice became the member-in-charge of the firm’s Detroit office. As the first woman to take on this highly visible and important role in the Detroit office, Maria Fracassa Dwyer is committed not only to her law firm, but giving back to the greater community it serves.

10 Minutes With: Dotting all the I’s and crossing all the T’s

Being meticulous is what makes Clark Hill attorney tick
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