Teacher Turns Advocate to Create Awareness for Organ Donation

    Audrey Weinberg
    Audrey Weinberg

    Throughout her life, Audrey Weinberg has been a teacher, an advocate for others and a healthcare crusader. Her mission? To improve the lives of people, regardless of their age, gender or healthcare needs.

    Weinberg, who has chronic kidney failure herself, is a tireless promoter for The Gift of Life Michigan, which is the state’s only federally designated organ and tissue and recovery program, providing all services necessary for organ donation to occur in Michigan. The non-profit organization works as a liaison between donors, hospitals and transplant centers.

    That is one reason why she puts together special events to promote organ donation and the Gift of Life in particular. But Weinberg also does it because she believes it is essential for people to take charge of their healthcare needs, to work with their doctors, to talk to their families and to discuss end-of-life issues when the moment is right.

    Her latest effort takes place Sept. 20. Southfield-based Gerry Weinberg and Associates will hold its fourth Annual Golf and Networking Charity event to benefit The Gift of Life Michigan.

    Golf 3This event holds a special place in the heart of the Weinberg family, including CEO/Founder Gerry Weinberg. In 2010, Audrey was diagnosed with end stage renal disease, known as chronic kidney failure. She is on the waiting list for a kidney transplant and currently undergoes home dialysis treatments five times per week.

    Audrey Weinberg formerly belonged to a variety of healthcare advocacy groups around Michigan; she helped to write the legislation that resulted in the Michigan Patient Bill of Rights. She also works hand in hand with the National Kidney Foundation, hoping that more people hear about its mission and that of the Gift of Life.

    “People always ask how they help and sometimes they don’t know how to get involved. Promoting these organizations (National Kidney Foundation and Gift of Life) is so important. We really need to do it,” Audrey Weinberg said.

    The fund-raising event, which costs $45 for just dinner and $75 for golf and dinner, is a great chance to meet people and network, Audrey Weinberg noted. The event takes place at the Glen Oaks Golf Course, and it includes nine holes of golf, a card, prizes and more.

    “It’s a great atmosphere – very relaxed and ideal for networking,” Audrey Weinberg said. “If you don’t golf, you can still come for dinner.”