Staying Fit and Fab is Possible, Even if You’re on a Budget

    Not every office has a workout facility rivaling a brand-name gym. Sometimes, you’re going to have to do it yourself and go it alone when it comes to physical fitness.

    Andrea Woroch

    Andrea Woroch feels your pain. That is why the nationally recognized consumer and money-saving expert has come up with five ways you can stay fit without signing up for an expensive gym or bugging your boss for a Zumba room.

    Woroch notes that losing weight is the No. 1 New Year’s resolution for this year and, arguably, every year that humans have been around. Some 38 percent of all resolutions actually have something to do with weight; another 34 percent have to do with spending less and saving more.

    To that end, here are Woroch’s best bets for dropping pounds without spending a dime:

    1. Walk it out. Take 10,000 steps on a daily basis and you’ll see how much your body will change. But according to the popular step counter, the average American only takes about 5,000 steps. Double up and get a few more in during your lunch hour or after work.
    2. Stand up. Sitting at a desk all day can boost your risk for cancer and heart disease. Get up every hour and stretch. Use a stand-up desk if your office has one. Combine a stroll on the treadmill with a conference call. And set reminders on your computer to make sure you get up and get moving on a regular basis.
    3. Find a buddy. Friends are great for companionship, but they’re also great at bugging us to take care of ourselves. Having someone to hang out with as you do your crunches or lunges is not only fun, it can challenge you to work harder during your classes. You also can swap recipes and workout DVDs for new inspiration.
    4. Get on a bike. Cycling to work is not only cool, but it helps your heart and your community by putting fewer environmental contaminants in the air. Use your bike during breaks to run errands or meet friends for lunch. Studies show that riding a bike can boost your energy level throughout the day.
    5. Mix it up. Everyone knows they need to have a mix of foods to ensure good health. But you also need to mix up the colors of what you eat, especially among the all-important food groups of fruit and vegetables. If you need to save money, consider buying frozen varieties, which have the same nutrients as fresh.