Can Facebook Connect Turn Social Media Data Into Profit?

With the election behind us, we Americans have re-focused on what really matters: shopping! Forrester's newest report projects a 15 percent% increase in online retail sales this holiday season over 2011. Much of this $68.4 billion pie will be eaten up by the big boys -“ Amazon,, and other giants.

But you don't have to settle for the crumbs. The steady consumer adoption of Facebook Connect, combined with game-changing analytics and personalization technologies to turn Facebook activity into marketing firepower, have dramatically leveled the playing field.

Now David can beat Goliath. Here's how.

First, you gotta Connect
The secret of the e-commerce titans is not just their size -“ although that helps -“ but their excellent service. And one key element of that service is personalization. These businesses are able to better serve their users because they know more about them!

Now any business can know as much -“ or more -“ about a given user than all the information that Amazon and Google have been collecting on us for years. How? Through Facebook Connect.

The real brilliance of Facebook Connect is not just that it saves the user from having to memorize a new username and password for every site that he visits. Rather, it's the data. The data that a user consensually shares via Connect can easily eclipse the prior purchase behavior that drives the current state-of-the-art in personalized recommendations, so-called "collaborative filtering" technology.

Social analytics companies are now introducing new technology that takes advantage of Facebook Connect's increasing popularity and makes sense of the billions of social data points found on Facebook to turn them into profitable insights for your business.

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