From hackers to ransomware, governments byte back on cyberattacks

Michigan Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson has set up an 18-member Michigan Election Security Commission to make recommendations on cyber security.

Level One extends reach with Ann Arbor Bancorp merger

Level One Bancorp has wanted to reach into Ann Arbor for a couple of years. Now it has, completing a merger with Ann Arbor Bancorp that extends Level One's network.

Michigan council helps companies on their diversity, inclusion journey

The Michigan Diversity Council is helping its partners around the state tackle diversity and inclusion issues.

Michigan’s volunteer cyber corps expands despite critical audit report

Michigan cybersecurity group attacking breaches gets a performance review of its own.

More bars, restaurants jump on the mocktail bandwagon with non-alcoholic offerings

Perhaps your client only has time to meet for dinner. Maybe your vendor wants to talk business during an after-work get-together. Whatever the reason, you’ve got to...

Looking for a cool meeting spot? Head to Detroit to see the Motown AirBnb

Meetings are a part of working life – but that doesn’t mean you need to hang out at your everyday office or lunchroom if you’re planning a...

Coming soon: Public libraries to offer new on-demand video courses

Libraries – and their all-important research experts, the librarians themselves – have always been places where learning come first and foremost. Now,...

Michigan’s farmers struggle with trade, production but look forward in 2020

Michigan’s farmers are looking forward in 2020, hopeful for resolutions or at least relief from issues such as trade uncertainty, rising costs and homegrown challenges such as tighter lending from financial institutions.

Businesses owned by minorities, women make strides, have hurdles to clear

While the number of businesses owned by women and minorities has grown, there are still a lot of challenges to overcome.

Expert: ‘Brand’ breaks through, persuades people to pick products, services

Lindsay Pedersen Strategist Lindsay Pedersen says brand is what breaks through the millions of messages out there and persuades people to say, “Yes,...

MSU Center for Economic Analysis: 2020 economic growth set for Michigan

For many, 2019 was a year of highs and lows. For the lows, there were a lot of conversations around political unrest, economic uncertainty as well as...

Local youth get a hand up to bundle up with H&M just in time...

What happens when you bring together a fashion-forward nonprofit group with one of the best-known retailers of fast fashion? Something great for...

A Perfect Toast: Celebrate this New Year’s with a Michigan beer

Perhaps fine French Champagne isn’t in your budget or to your end-of-year tastes. One Michigan craft brewer has something different for you to try.

Despite strike, China trade policy, slow growth is ‘on trend’ into 2020

Despite the auto workers' strike and the effects of the U.S. trade policy with China, economists figure slow economic growth will be 'on trend' in 2020.

In an advanced job age, new skills are required for a changing work force

Employee learning initiatives embrace multiple platforms.

High-tech trends are taking a bigger byte in HR space

In a discipline focused on people, tech playing a bigger role.

A bad hire can come with a high cost to employers

The cost of making a bad hire can climb pretty quickly for companies who aren't paying attention.

Robotics manufacturing shows Michigan’s automation leadership

Michigan companies are among the leaders when it comes to robotics and the burgeoning automation of industry.

Metro Detroit bakery starts a new tradition: Creating a tasty fruitcake worth sharing

The most commonly heard joke around the holidays has to do with fruitcakes – someone once suggested that there is only one...

Michigan State University partners to create limited-edition purple potato chips

Some companies celebrate their anniversaries with a big party. Some offer a coupon or discount to shopper. But Great Lakes Potato Chips Co. took their 10th year...