Trump Signs Executive Orders on Unemployment, Student Loans, Evictions, Payroll Tax

President Donald Trump signed four executive orders Saturday aimed at unemployment relief, a payroll tax break, student loans and protecting Americans from eviction.

Tourism, Hospitality Businesses See Customers Shift Their Spending to Other Locations As a Result...

Travel-business operators, industry experts and economists generally agree that consumers will seek wide-open spaces rather than big cities for their next vacation.

Expert: Business Conditions Index Shows ‘Resilience’ Within Michigan, Nationally

Michigan's resilience remained a part of the story for the second quarter of 2020, according to the recently released Q2 Citizens Business Conditions Index.

Digital ceremony honors Chicago’s Best and Brightest for 2020

Some of the best human resources practices were on display at the digital awards ceremony honoring Chicago's Best and Brightest for 2020.

Elite Winners Honored as 2020’s Best and Brightest in Atlanta

Thirteen elite winners and dozens of others from the Atlanta area were honored for their human resource prowess as Atlanta's Best and Brightest for 2020.

Hackett Retiring from Ford Motor Co., Farley Succeeds Him as President, CEO

Jim Hackett is retiring from his position as Ford Motor Company president/CEO, and will be replaced in what company officials are calling a "seamless" transition by Jim Farley.

Unemployment Claims Up For Second Straight Week

First-time unemployment claims were up more than 1.4 million last week, the second straight week of rising claims following 15 weeks of falling numbers.

Economists: ‘Prepare for a Worsening 2020’ Until a Vaccine is Ready

After a historically bad second quarter, economists agree the next few months are going to be challenging for the U.S. economy.

Casinos to Reopen, Northern Bars Closed to Indoor Service

Gov. Gretchen Whitmer is expected to sign an executive order today that allows Detroit casinos to reopen at 15% capacity and close indoor service in bars in Northern Michigan.

Michigan 3rd in PPP Loans As Application Deadline Looms

With an Aug. 8 application deadline looming, Michigan has seen the third-highest number of loans and dollars in the region from the federal Paycheck Protection Program.

Event Planners Creating More ‘Unhurried Happenings’ to Draw Shoppers, Tourists Back to Socially Distanced...

Event planners and tourism industry officials are finding new ways to host major experiences that allow folks to get out and visit, while social distancing at the same time.

Cleaning, Sanitation Companies Find Themselves in the Spotlight and with More Business Than Ever

With such a high premium on cleanliness and sanitization in the age of COVID, companies that provide cleaning services are getting new attention and high demand.

Grand Rapids Firm Launches End-to-End Mail Ballot Tracking Software

The idea of mail-in voting has seen its share of controversy, but a Grand Rapids firm believes it has developed a tracking system that would render the criticism moot.

Researchers: PPP Loans Saved Up to 3.2 Million Jobs

It ran into some issues in the beginning, but researchers from MIT say the federal Paycheck Protection Program saved as many as 3.2 million jobs.

Unemployment Claims Take a Slight Climb

For the first time in weeks, the number of American workers filing first-time unemployment claims took a slight tick up.

Reports: Senate Stimulus Package Coming Today

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is expected to reveal the contents of the Senate's latest coronavirus relief package today.

Housing Prices, Other Key Home Stats Take ‘A Big Step Forward’ in June, Market...

The news about the area's housing market proved to be better than anticipated, according to market experts.
MEDC: 1.5 million in farm grants available for COVID-19 safety measures

MEDC: $1.5 Million in Farm Grants Available for COVID Safety Measures

Facing high demand for grants and the need to help small farms with COVID-19 risks, the MEDC announced $1.5 million in Small Farm Safety grants.

Supply-Chain Struggles Put Retailers, Small Businesses in a Pinch to Keep the Shelves Stocked

Experts say issues surrounding supply chains and customer-service problems, which have been prevalent silnce COVID-19 broke out, could haunt entrepreneurs into 2021.

Expert: Rocket Companies IPO Shows the Company’s ‘Simple Sophistication’ When It Comes to Branding

Experts say the recently announced initial public offering of “Rocket Companies” creates a new combined business that's "call simple yet sophisticated."
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