Off The Deeb End – It’s Time for Action

Being in the White House is not the same as campaigning for the presidency. Following what will probably be a brief honeymoon with the politicians in Washington D.C. along with the lobbyists, the dissidents, and whoever and whatever, President Barack Obama will have his hands full. Although he appears to be positive and determined to do a good job, as reality sets in he will realize it will be a difficult job. Some of the key topics:

-¢ Deal with our nation’s economic crisis and try to jumpstart our nation’s economy. (At the same time, Governor Jennifer Granholm needs to do the same in Michigan.)

-¢ The political battles between parties in our nation’s Capitol.

-¢ Try to reverse the nation’s growing unemployment and jobless rate (including that of Michigan).

-¢ Work to resolve the financial plight we have had with our banks and financial institutions.

-¢ Work to save our nation’s automotive and manufacturing industries, especially in Michigan which was our nation’s arsenal of democracy.

-¢ Bring back our educational system and schools to where they are second to none.

-¢ Improve our international relations around the globe, bringing about trust and confidence.

-¢ Assure that our military is top notch in all ways, and maintaining national security.

In his inaugural address, President Obama emphasized the positive, but acknowledged he and our nation have real challenges. He also emphasized we must all work together, and that service to our communities and nation be a priority.

Now that the new president is in the White House, he realizes all the difficult challenges that are on his plate. No more campaigning. He needs to help solve the problems. Now’s the time for action.