VelocityEHS acquires Humantech, entering the field of ergonomics software

VelocityEHS, which specializes in cloud-based environment, health, safety as well as sustainability solutions, has acquired Humantech, which offers a software as a service ergonomics solution.

In announcing the acquisition, VelocityEHS, which is based in Chicago, said the move will allow it to address a broader range of ergonomic risks, in particular for industrial and material-handling jobs, for its 13,000 customers.

With musculoskeletal disorders being among the most common and expensive work-related injuries (one third of days-away-from-work cases are said to be part of a $54-billion annual cost to employers in the U.S.), ergonomics solutions offered by companies like Humanech could go a long way to offering relief.

Using the software, companies could easily and cost-effectively deploy an online ergonomics management system, which includes training, proven assessment methodologies and powerful reporting tools to every location and employee in their organization.

Company officials say by applying Humantech’s approach, customers have come to expect at least a 25 percent year-on-year reduction in compensation costs related to musculoskeletal disorders while improving quality and productivity.

VelocityEHS officials say the acquisition of Humantech gives it greater capabilities to reach industrial and material-handling industries, which have high demand for effective and affordable ergonomics solutions to address their growing injury risks and workers’ compensation costs.

“We are thrilled to bring together these two world-class organizations,” said Glenn Trout, president and CEO of VelocityEHS. “The Humantech SaaS software, unmatched domain expertise, and widely-used ergonomics methodology is not just best-in-class, but in our opinion, only-in-class. We believe that together we are firmly positioned as the ergonomics software leader.”

James Mallon, president of Ann Arbor-based Humantech, said the acquisition will allow it to make an even greater impact in helping reduce ergonomic risks.

“Together, we will help even more companies ‘do ergonomics right’ by driving continuous improvement into their operations to build efficient and sustainable ergonomics processes. We will work with our customers to create more productive workplaces with higher quality, fewer injuries for workers, and lower injury and operating costs for employers,” said Mallon.

Humantech will operate as a wholly-owned subsidiary of VelocityEHS and retain the Humantech brand name under the VelocityEHS umbrella. Humantech employees will operate as part of the VelocityEHS team from their current office location in Ann Arbor, Michigan.