The Growing Epidemic does not discriminate in age, race, sex, or religion. So, what do we do about Mental Health Conditions in the Workplace? The world is experiencing a growing epidemic with fifty million Americans, experiencing at least one mental health disorder every year; and approximately 55% are not receiving treatment. With people spending more than 50% of their waking hours at work, the best places to work will be equipped to recognize these mental health disorders and provide services to support their employees when they experience these debilitating conditions. Workers will lose hours of productivity, but more importantly, their lives will be changed perhaps indefinitely if they do not get the support they need. So, what are we to do about it? There is so much to unpack in that question. We can begin by acknowledging the issue and accepting that we have an accountability to do something to help stem the issue.

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How do you recognize a person with a mental health disorder at work? And then what? Every manager will likely be faced with this issue at some point in their career. So, we should be prepared for the situation. We will discuss mental health disorders and how to approach the situation when recognized. We will tell some stories and share approaches to address issues experienced by managers and HR departments.

Speaker: Keri Jolly, Founder & CEO, Frinz Care, Virtual Mental Health Counseling & Coaching Services. Former Healthcare Executive & Chief Human Resources Officer.