Too many organizations cast a wide net with their sales and marketing efforts costing them precious time and resources with misaligned prospects. Compounding the issue, they lack a repeatable and consistent process to advance and win aligned prospects (and disqualify misaligned prospects). In these organizations, we see Executive Leadership frustrated by their inability to grow and seeking guidance on how to unlock the potential of their business. Our goal is to help you win more of the “right” clients by refining your ideal client profile and by taking and maintaining control of your sales process. In this interactive workshop, we identify several “norms” that are standing in the way of performance, teach a simple framework to refine your sales strategy and introduce best practices within critical stages of the sales process. Each participant will receive a fully customizable 1-page canvas where you will examine your ideal client profile, deepen your understanding of the key stakeholders involved in your unique buying journey and start to define “what good looks like” at key stages of your sales process. You will leave with more clarity and confidence in how to focus your business development engine and improve your sales process.

Speaker: Scott Peterson, Founder / Managing Principal, Carver Peterson.

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