This session will cover how to use transferable skills with non-traditional talent by utilizing non-profits in the community/universities to create talent programs to build a diverse workforce. The war on talent has progressed and become significantly worse in the last three years, and we can expect it will continue to decline over the next decade. We will also discuss how internal people data can help find which roles could be used as a pilot for the talent program along with a discussion on how to get senior leadership to buy-in. Come learn how to transform the workforce and battle the war on talent while giving back to the community and diversity initiatives. You will learn how to look at non-traditional talent as a way to find new talent in your industry while helping the community and/or individuals start new careers.

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Learning Objectives:

  • Understand the dynamic changes in the workforce over the past 3 years and how it has impacted the war on talent
  • Understand how to review HR data within their organization to find areas of opportunity to create a non-traditional program for talent
  • Apply methods to create a non-traditional talent program within an organization
  • Identify and describe opportunities for roles within their organization to apply to a non-traditional talent program

Speaker: Katie Dykstra, Owner, KD Workforce