Does your organization’s culture promote open dialogue, inclusivity and self-expression? Now-a-day, employees are demanding that their employers make their time spent at work more fulfilling and meaningful. While leadership is key, too often, organizations invest in leadership development such as training seminars and 1 to 1 coaching but they give very little to team collaboration and engagement. Team collaboration doesn’t happen with large quarterly events, monthly birthday celebrations or even weekly team lunches. Instead you can foster a work culture that encourages open communication and authentic expression by organizing moments instead of events. These moments will nudge your people to try new things that stimulate engagement.

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Even with all of the wellness programs your company provides, some of your team members: ❌ May feel more like an outsider than a valued team member ❌ May not know how to build rapport with their team members ❌ May feel like they have to “go along, to get along” Join this 60 minute session to find out how your organization can cultivate a productive, engaged and stable workforce.

Here are the key takeaways: ✅ Tips and techniques for organizations to help stimulate, start and stay in engaging conversations ✅ Best practices to incorporate DEI and appropriately share life details with peers in the workplace ✅ How boost morale and promote human-centric relationships and increase productivity

Speaker: Coach Lee Hopkins, Social Connections & Business Culture Coach