LAFCU to Offer ATM Service in All 27 Quality Dairy Store Locations

    LANSING, Mich. — LAFCU ATM service will soon be available in all 27 Quality Dairy Store locations in Greater Lansing. Transition to LAFCU ATMs will begin early May.

    There will be no change to ATM fees or usability. LAFCU members and members of other credit unions that are part of the Co-op ATM Network will not incur transaction fees. For others, the fee depends upon their financial institution.

    Partnership of the iconic mid-Michigan companies brings together two entities that have each built value and trust within the community for over 86 years — both were founded in 1936.

    “Separately, Quality Dairy and LAFCU have demonstrated an unwavering commitment to provide quality service to mid-Michigan residents,” said Ken Martin, Quality Dairy CEO. “Together we are doubling down on local service from two local companies. Our customers will be well served by LAFCU.”

    Martin lightheartedly noted that the partners also have a shared interest in cows. LAFCU’s first loan was for a member to buy a cow. Quality Dairy’s original mission was to provide bottled milk and cream from small neighborhood milk stores at a time when these items were typically delivered to the home.

    For LAFCU CEO Patrick Spyke the partnership means immediate expanded service to the credit union’s 70,000 members, many of whom reside in Greater Lansing.

    Spyke said, “Placing an additional 27 ATMs within the community increases convenience for LAFCU members to get cash on the go or to quickly make deposits. It’s also an opportunity to serve a broader audience and support a valuable local business.”

    The partnership brings added value to LAFCU members. In addition to exclusive weekly specials on QD items, LAFCU members will be eligible for a loyalty card that offers a 5-cent per gallon discount on gasoline at the seven Quality Dairy Exxon Mobil Fuel stores — five in Lansing, and one each in Charlotte and Eaton Rapids. The loyalty cards will be available to members at LAFCU branches beginning early June. Quality Dairy will continue to honor gas cards previously distributed.

    Both companies have grown and adjusted with the times over the years.

    • With approximately 525 employees, Quality Dairy is one of the region’s largest private-industry employers and one of the few that remains family-owned.
    • LAFCU now serves more than 70,000 individuals and businesses across the state, holds over $950 million in assets, and has about 150 employees.

    Quality Dairy continues to offer dairy options — milk and ice cream — but is also known for fresh foods, such as sandwiches and donuts, and marquee brand beverages, snacks, grocery items and household supplies. The company is among the largest producers of paczki in the state, and the recipe for its popular French Onion Chip Dip hasn’t changed in at least 50 years. Some QD stores also offer gasoline, and some offer a laundromat. Online ordering is now available for even greater convenience with home delivery available in most areas. The model to which stores are transitioning include an eat-in patio and drive-thru window.

    Today LAFCU offers a comprehensive range of financial products and services, supported by an expanding complement of financial technology solutions. The credit union’s programs have earned national and international excellence awards. In Michigan, LAFCU has won the state’s credit union trade association annual Innovative Award four times in seven years. And LAFCU was recognized as one of the 50 Best Credit Unions to Work For in 2020 for its positive workplace culture.

    More information and FAQs about the LAFCU-Quality Dairy partnership are at and //