Spotlight Jitters? It Takes Prep and Practice to be Camera Ready

    Danielle and AndyLike most people, Danielle and Andy Mayoras were nervous the first time they were on television. Now, they never break a sweat – even when they get last-minute requests from big-shot shows like “Entertainment Tonight” and the like.

    The married couple who work at Barron, Rosenberg, Mayoras & Mayoras in Troy are the legal stars of Celebrity Legacies, a television show that highlights the troubles that families experience during post-mortem courtroom battles – every family, even the famous ones.

    This year’s series debuted Aug. 5, and the married legal duo provide expert commentary each week about the estate planning errors, legal wrangling and probate drama of a different celebrity on each hour-long episode. So far, they’ve dished the legal dirt on the estates of such celebs as James Gandolfini, Anna Nicole Smith, Whitney Houston and John Lennon.

    Here, they share a few tips on how to be “camera ready” and feeling good on the set.

    1. Danielle says: “Practice, practice, practice.” For their first major appearance in 2009 on the Rachel Ray show, it was “trial by fire. At that point in time, we didn’t know what to expect at all.” Today, they know to find out the call time; arrive on time, meet with producers to go over expectations and the like. “Be crystal clear” on what everyone wants, she said.

    2. Andy said it’s important to ask about the dress code. “Different shows have a different feel. Some shoot in high definition, so don’t wear shirts with stripe patterns.” Because this can vary from station to station, be sure ask ahead of time. Be sure to ask if they have any rules or preference on how people dress. And make sure you have backups in case of a coffee spill or worse.

    3. Danielle said she has worked with some station makeup artists, but they are rare. You’re expected to do your own makeup these days because of tighter budgets. So it may be worth doing a makeup consultation with a professional in the days and weeks before an interview. That way, you’ll know how to put on your own makeup on the big day of the interview. Men also may need to wear some, depending on the situation.

    4. Don’t try to be someone you’re not, the couple agrees. “Be yourself,” Danielle advises. “That’s what it comes down to. You shouldn’t model yourself after anyone else. Use your hands if you use your hands a lot. Just be yourself.” Andy says he knows it is hard, but if you relax, you’re going to have more fun and “come across as yourself. … They wanted you for a reason. You’ve got the expertise.”

    5. Don’t panic if something comes up at the last minute – or if something goes wrong. Go with the flow, Danielle says. “Entertainment Tonight was a last-minute ask, so we didn’t have much time to prepare. Sometimes you just have to grab something and go. If it’s a last-minute opportunity, rush to the studio and go with it.”