5 ways to get over that afternoon slump and back to work

    Do you ever walk around your office and realize that you feel tired in the afternoon? The post-lunch slump could be a drop in your blood sugar.

    Dr Elin Östman, a seasoned food and nutrition researcher as well as the chief scientist of the Swedish company behind a sparkling water called Good Idea, gives her five best ways to get over the yawning and get back to work.

    • Eat a better lunch. Avoid the fast carbs like pizzas, fries and white bread that make your blood sugar spike and then drop like a stone. Go for the fiber-rich veggies, beans and pasta instead.
    • Take micro breaks. Stand up, stretch your body and look away from your work for a while. Or get some fresh air and a quick walk outside.
    • Withstand the cravings. Sweet treats will cause an instant rush of energy, followed by the opposite shortly after….and then it’s all on repeat.
    • Exercise regularly. As little as half an hour a day of moderate exercise, like a quick walk, is associated with better blood sugar control.
    • Replace the sugary sodas. Drinking water instead of a soda takes away lots of sugar. Less sugar in your system will help you feel sharper and get more work done at the end of the day.