Chadd’s Bistro Now Accepting Bitcoin, Lightning, Other Crypto Payments

    Chadd’s Bistro in Shelby Township announced a groundbreaking move into the world of digital currency, as the restaurant will now accept Bitcoin, Lightning and other cryptocurrencies as forms of payment.

    An event celebrating the embrace of cryptocurrency payment at Chadd’s Bistro takes place Saturday, Feb. 10, at 46858 Dequindre Road.

    Chadd’s Bistro aims to become a hub for Michigan’s vibrant community of Bitcoin enthusiasts. The lightning-fast transactions provided by the Lightning Network make Chadd’s Bistro an attractive venue for those seeking seamless and efficient cryptocurrency transactions.

    “We are excited to embrace the future of finance and cater to the growing community of cryptocurrency users. By accepting Bitcoin and Lightning payments, we aim to provide our patrons with a hands-on, practical use of cryptocurrency, while enjoying our food and drink options. In addition to providing a social space for the cryptocurrency community, we look forward to technological experimentation alongside them,” said Chadd Elliot, owner of Chadd’s Bistro.

    The open-source technology platform will be supplied by MI Lightning Rod, a Detroit based start-up that is focused on bringing Bitcoin and cryptocurrency payments into restaurants, retail stores, and businesses across Michigan. The platform offers flexibility for easy customization to fit a variety of business models and needs. Lightning Rod expects both merchants and consumers to benefit from the technology’s low fees, rapid settlement, reduction of middlemen, international reach, and known monetary policy. Visit for more information.