Online Tools for Smart Business

    Eliminate cumbersome desktop software and make the move toward an efficient office. Here are 10 free–or very affordable!–online tools to launch your business into the virtual world.

    1. Google Docs – Say goodbye to attachment tennis and welcome Google’s web-based suite. Create text documents, spreadsheets and multimedia presentations from the comfort of your browser. Collaboration is simple and revisions are tracked automatically.

    2. Basecamp – Manage projects with one of the many useful applications from the team at 37signals. Set key milestones, mark to-dos and provide clients with an always up-to-date status.

    3. FreshBooks – A comprehensive system for invoicing, time tracking and expenses, FreshBooks’ PayPal integration leads to quicker payments and truly painless billing.

    4. LinkedIn – The social network for the professional community, LinkedIn bridges existing contacts with potential business opportunities.

    5. LogMeIn Pro – At home, on the road or from a lounge chair in Bermuda, take control of your office PC from any computer with an Internet connection.

    6. Relenta CRM – Keep customer history in a single location to limit everyday interruptions. Relenta links each piece of saved email within an extensive client database.

    7. Google Calendar – Maintain an organized schedule and share your agenda with ease.

    8. WebEx WebOffice – Set up a virtual meeting where the dress code is optional and the size of the room unlimited. WebEx WebOffice features real-time chat and conference via webcam.

    9. Box Enterprise – Box manages all of your files from the web with easy access control for both internal and external use.

    10. GreenPrint – While no office may ever be entirely paper-free, GreenPrint eliminates unnecessary pages before they’re inked, saving time and decreasing waste.

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