Our brains crave change. If you want to continue to expand and grow, your brain requires change to happen through new connections and new ways of thinking. The challenge is that there’s mechanisms in our brains that cause us to first think of change as a loss, it can be a difficult thing to manage.

Since change is both inevitable and necessary, especially if we want to grow, you can start practicing with these tools to learn strategies so that when change does arise, you can navigate it with less stress, greater collaboration, and more intention to build a stronger future.

Presenter: Julie Otte

Julie Otte is a Emotional Release Therapist, Holistic Counselor and Brain Health Coach in private practice in Grand Rapids, MI. Julie earned a Master of Arts in Health Promotion from the University of Alabama, and holds a Bachelor of Science in Community Development – Health Sciences. She holds certifications in brain health coaching, holistic counseling, EPTWorks (emotional release therapy), grief and bereavement counseling, expert mindfulness practitioner, health coaching and personal training.

Approved for Continuing Education Credit