Hybrid recruiting has gained attention in 2020 but many organizations have been using hybrid recruiting strategies for years and earning the benefits. During this presentation you will learn the definition of hybrid recruiting, benefits to your company, how it showcases the skills and talents of the recruits, uncover tools, platforms, and models for hybrid recruiting; and how to move forward toward a hybrid workplace.

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Learning Objectives:

  • Define Hybrid Recruiting.
  • Explain the benefits of hybrid recruiting.
  • Recognize the showcasing the skills and talents of recruits.
  • Identify tools for hybrid recruiting. (Platforms and virtual career fairs)
  • Select a model to use in hybrid recruiting?
  • Support movement toward a hybrid workplace.


Terrie Hylton, Competitive Integrated Employment Manager, S.T.E.P.
Carla Dean, Vocational Service Manager, S.T.E.P.

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Approval pending for 1 credit with SHRM and HRCI