Since the World Health Organization declared burnout an occupational phenomenon in 2019 it’s become an increasingly common business concern. Just because something is common doesn’t mean it’s an inevitable part of your organization’s experience! Using the latest neuroscience and cutting-edge research on the brain and body connection, you’ll learn what puts someone on the fast track to burnout, how to interrupt the cycle, and how to ensure that burnout doesn’t become a part of your workplace culture.

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Learning Objectives:

  • Understand why burnout in the workplace continues to trend upward
  • Learn what indicators may mean an employee is on the burnout fast track
  • Learn real-life examples of what interrupting the burnout continuum looks like
  • Understand how to use the Fortitude & Flow Process to discontinue the burnout continuum
  • Practice strategies that strengthen the brain’s body and mind link

Speaker: Audrey Holst, Owner & Founder, Fortitude & Flow